Monday, February 13, 2012

Dodgeballs and a Safehouse

Hi Everyone!! This weekend I FINALLY got some of that downtime and rest that I have been wanting. I feel so much better today than I have lately because I actually had time to breathe. Our weekend was actually full of movies! Friday night when I got home from work, I had a hankering to watch Dodgeball - especially after talking about Jason Bateman on Wednesday. We watched it and I have to tell you - it is a lot funnier than I remember it being! =) We laughed a lot which is so good for the soul.
Saturday morning we got up and ran a couple earrands and went Valentine's Day shopping. We don't go all out and usually we pick the presents out together and MOST times for Valentine's, it is something smaller. Afterwards, we went back home and my parent's picked us up to go to the movies. We went and saw Safehouse
Denzel Washington is such a bad-ass! I LOVE him! I honestly wasn't sure that I would like Ryan Reynolds in this role. Don't get me wrong - he is fun to look at and I think he is really funny. BUT this was a VERY intense role and I wasn't sure that he would convince me enough. I know what you are thinking - "he was in Amityville Horror, which was a serious role". I know, I know but this was a little bit different - especially because there are so many elements that aide a scary movie: lighting, music, things popping out at ya! BUT, if you ask me, in a drama/action/thriller - whatever it was - a lot relies on the acting and not so much the setting.
Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington Star in Safe House
I was pleasantly surprised by Ryan Reynolds and I totally recommend you see this movie. It had a bit of conspiracy in it - but how could it not?! It was thrilling and had a couple great car chases and some good ass kicking =) Loved it!

Sunday The Husband got up at 3:30 AM! to go fishing! EEK! I wasn't able to go back to sleep so I got up and went out on the couch. VH! was hosting a tribute to Whitney Houston -- so so sad -- so I had that on. I was so mesmerized by her; she had such an incredible voice. After about an hour of her music videos at 5AM, I turned on The Notebook.
I have only seen the movie once at a girl's night; we were so social that night that I didn't really get into the movie. I enjoyed it =) I really like Rachel McAdams - she is so stinkin cute!
I FINALLY FINALLY got my craft room unpacked. I realized that I need to stop waiting to get the shelving and stuff and just organize it.  Seriously the room was a huge disaster. I'll share those pictures this week once I get the closet doors hung. I'm so happy to have all the boxes going out with the trash this morning. We are finally FOR REAL unpacked! I'm excited! Now all I need is a new tabletop for my craft island :)
After J came home from fishing - we watched a couple more movies.
The Town
The movie was awesome - but you will find yourself routing for the bad guy...yeah that always feels weird to me. BUT it was a really good movie and I was impressed with Affleck's performance.
Red Ridging Hood
LOVED! I am not usually into scary movies because I'm a big baby with a really big imagination. BUT I figured because it was so fantasy based that I would be OK. I was right =) Definitely surprised by the ending - I hadn't figured it out, even though I do a lot of times.  I am wanting to see Gone with Amanda Seyfried after seeing her performance in this.

I definitely recommend all the movies that we watched this weekend. I normally don't get to watch this many movies in a weekend - we are usually incredibly busy but it was nice to have so much time to spend together; without a ton of plans =)

What did you do this weekend?
Did you see any movies?


Anonymous said...

i saw the town about a year ago and i loved it!! such a good movie! and it isn't usually the type of movie i would watch!

CeCe said...

I've seen all those movies except Safe House. Loved The Town and who doesn't love the Notebook? I just wrote a post about laughter being good for the soul! It sure is. Our weekend was relaxing too.

asj said...

so fun - we saw The Vow this weekend and I liked it but if I had to do it again I'd wait to see it on DVD, it wasn't "AMAZING" and a movie theater must see.

also, super jealous of a "craft room" my house would be so much more organized if I had one of those!