Friday, February 10, 2012

I Confess...

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I Confess....
I'm really sassy. I sass my husband a lot (all in fun).
When he asks me "what's with the attitude?"
My Response: "it isn't attitude, it is personality!"

I Confess....
I think I am a lot funnier than other people thing I am.
When I am with people, I really want to make them laugh.
I try to be quick-witted and clever.
Sometimes I FAIL!

I Confess...
I feel sexy when I wear heels.
They give me a sense of confidence and good posture.
Because they make me feel cute, I sometimes try to walk sexy.
It isn't - I just walk in a weaving pattern on the sidewalk looking like a drunkard!

I Confess...
If I don't get my way, I stick my bottom lip out in a pouting manner.
I especially do this if I think it will help.
I Confess...
The Husband is such a sucker for me.
It works out because I am for him as well.

I Confess...
I wanted to find the lady who, while on the other side of the street, shouted to The Husband "You really should have your dog on a leash"
The dog was in our yard, standing next to The Husband.
The bi-laws for our community state that a dog must be on a leash OR under vocal command.
To illustrate the latter, The Husband said "Ruger, Inside" and the dog ran to the front door immediately.
Clearly our dog is under vocal command at all times.

I Confess...
A part of me is hoping it rains this weekend so we can't make plans.
We want to go see a movie but otherwise, I would like some downtime.
The last two weeks have been a bit rough so it would be nice to just get some sleep and relax.

What are your confessions?
Happy Friday!!!


Faith said...

You are too cute! I enjoyed reading this one. Probably my favorite of your confessions! :)

I hope it rains just that way you can have the downtime you desire.

have a wonderful weekend!

J and A said...

Heels are totally a self esteem boost! I'll hope for rain for you if you hope for no snow for me! :)

Shannon Marie said...

I love heels too! :) They make me feel pretty! Have an awesome week, lady! xo

Shannon said...

I think the best part of being married is the feeling you get when you KNOW you have tons of family/friends, etc. asking, "Come over this weekend? Watch my kid? Go to dinner with us?....etc" and you just say NO THANKS..because you just want to do nothing and enjoy it.

My hub's family gives us a guilt trip because WE haven't called THEM..and put the guilt on US for not coming to THEIR house. Are you kidding me?! Phones (and cars) work both ways!!

So, I have no problem saying NO to other peoples' weekend plans for me...hehe

henning love said...

that is awesome your dog is under voice command, one of our dogs is, the other loves to run away. the trick is not to chase him, to show him you aren't interested and he runs back home, he wouldn't survive on his own

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

I totally pout my lip too-works every time. :)

Mamarazzi said...

i think i am WAY funnier than i really am too. i totally get that. i am also super sassy. and Yes it is personality!! 100%

my dog is under voice command too. it took a lot of time and energy but she listens to me.

thanks for linking up your confessions!!

Betty said...

Great confessions! I hope you get some r&r time this weekend!

Jessica and Stephan said...

oh, downtime is ALWAYS good! And what was up with that lady and her cranky comment about your dog?! jeeze! And yay for sass, I sass my man all the time, and he throws it right back at me. It keeps us laughing, thats for sure!