Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Tutorial} Earring Display

Hello!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!
This past week The Husband and I worked on a project together. It was a lot of fun working with him and completing a project together. We have done a lot of projects together but it is like painting, installing floors, etc. We haven't done anything like this together - where it is 100% me telling him what I want/need and him trying to execute it. I was really pleased with the way it turned out =) You have seen this around Pinterest I am sure - if you are addicted like me lol - and I thought it looked really simple.

Hanging Earring Display

First I went to Home Depot and bought a 7' piece of moulding. It was $4.98 =)
Then, I went home and figured out where I would want to hang it. I thought I wanted to hang it right by the mirror in the master but turns out, I decided to hang it to the left of the bathroom door. We did the math and determined how much waste we would have and what was the biggest we could make it. I believe we decided that each side would be 20".
J measured the pieces, marked, and cut them.
It is a really good thing he did this because I would have wasted more than necessary. I didn't think about having to cut off the edge flat and making a new angle. Ladies - if you haven't cut wood for a project, maybe look up a tutorial or have your man do it. I don't mean to sound like a girl who can't handle a power tool - I can, I promise. I just didn't think about that tiny little detail of creating a new edge to make the correct angle =)

After he cut them, we laid them out on the floor to make sure all the cuts/angles lined up properly =)

The Husband used his nail gun to put it together and siliconed the joints so that when I painted it, there wouldn't be gaps =)

After the silicon dried, I took it outside and spray painted it with Rustoleum Satin Lagoon.

While it was drying, I unrolled some chicken wire and put some weight on each end, so it would flatten out some. Once the frame was completely dry, I cut chicken wire to fit and stapled it to the back of the frame.

The last thing I did was add a picture bracket so that I could hang it =)
I would do one of two things here - if you have a small hammer, USE IT. The EASIER option is to buy the brackets with the nails already secured to the bracket =) It is about $0.50 more than the one I bought.  It totally would have been worth it - however, at the time, I didn't think it would be a very big deal.

Last but not least - HANG it and add earrings =) WOO!
This project took probably 2 hours with the dry time. I sprayed a couple coats to make sure it was even and no white was showing through.

I made a thing for my necklaces that I will be sharing later this week AND I plan on making another for sunnies and other miscellaneous accessories =)

I hope y'all have a wonderful day today! =)


Faith said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just love this earring display! So pretty.

Betty said...

I've always wanted one of these...looks great! Cute earrings by the way!

Carolyn said...

I love this! I made one of these with an old frame and some radiator cover... and I LOVE IT!!!

Kristen said...

Super cute!

CeCe said...

You are so handy! I love it.

Caroline said...

Very cute! You're lucky to have a hubby who is good with his hands. Mine, not so much. Ha!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Love it! I don't know if I have the patience to make that but you and your hubs did such a great job!

Anonymous said...

gahhhhh!! i have to make this.
i love your blog!

Katie said...

You guys did a great job on the earring display. I've always thought about making one of these but I don't have nearly enough earrings to need to make one!