Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Loving!

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I'm Loving Jason Bateman!
The Husband and I watched Horrible Bosses the other night after work. We laughed a lot - I found the movie a little disturbing but it was very funny =) My favorite part I have seen Jason Bateman in so far has to be in Dodgeball as Pepper Brooks...AMAZING

I did also enjoy him in The Change-up  =)

I'm Loving Jennifer Aniston in Horrible was WAY out of character for her to play the role she did. She was dirty sexy - it was weird lol. I love me some Aniston though =) I can't wait to watch these to together in The Switch =)

I'm Loving the project J and I worked on last night! we are going to finish it tonight and I can't wait to share it!! =) It looks so great already and we aren't even finished!!

I'm Loving these accessories from Forever 21

I'm Loving that it is already Wednesday!

I'm Loving that The Husband and I are working out together and eating better =) We started this about a week ago and we are both feeling great! =)

I'm Loving what J and I are planning for Valentine's and our 2nd anniversary!

I'm Loving that we cuddle most every night. =)

I'm Loving the new Kelly Clarkson cd
I know she isn't everyone's fave but girl is TALENTED and her hit songs are always catchy. I have to tell you that the songs that don't make the radio are some of the best songs she does =) I also love that she is a normal size and owns it - not everyone is built to be teeny tiny. This cd is currently on repeat on my iPod in my car =)

I'm loving my wonderful friends and family!

I'm loving the power of prayer and the calm I feel when I commune with The Lord.
I know some people in my life who could use the prayers for a variety of reasons- some for fellow bloggers, some for special friends and family, some of them are for me. I know it is hard to pray for those that remain unnamed, but every prayer counts.

I'm Loving my super amazing husband

What are you loving?



Jessica said...

I also love Jason Bateman - you'll like The Switch, it was a pretty funny movie and he was great in it. Have you seen "Extract"? That's another funny Jason Bateman movie, but I think it's lesser known.

And Kelly Clarkson ROCKED the Star Spangled Banner at the Superbowl :)

I found your blog through the WILW link-up comments, and I'm a new follower!

-Jessica @

henning love said...

i'm loving those accessories from F21 too, they really have cute stuff and the prices you can't argue with them. cuddling is one of my most favorite things and i am loving it is wednesday already too

Fash Boulevard said...

i totally agree. LOVING the Kelly CD. She never lets me down. obsessed. adore this post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo
Don't forget to "Like" the fanpage for personal pictures and exciting announcements. <3

Jessica and Stephan said...

Love love LOVE Kelly Clarkson! She is definitely talented, and I also love that she has some curves and is a normal girl :) She's gorgeous.

Courtney B said...

I am loving YOUR BLOG! :) So happy I found it!
Forever 21 has the cutest dang accessories and for such a good price, too!
In the past 2 weeks the hubs and I have only spent 3 nights together :( I'm so ready to be home with him again, I miss the night cuddling! Love that you and your hubs do the night cuddle.

Courtney B said...

And by found I really mean that for the last 7 days I've been babysitting 5 boys and I have lost my mind. Ha! I was already following your blog! Ah!