Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Lights & DIY Wine Charm

Last Monday I arrived home from work and The Husband had surprised me and decorated the house! It was really sweet of him -- so I thought I would share.

Started wrapping the gifts!
We spent a little time at my parent's house Sunday afternoon to watch the Steelers play the Jets.  Their house looks great!
A couple gifts I have given/will give include wine glasses.  To make them more fun, I made some wine glass charms!  This DIY is thrifty, easy and oh-so-cute!
Beads of your choice
Wire Hoop Findings
Add beads to your desired sized wire hoop.
Fasten around stem of wine glass.
TA-DA!! Yes, it's THAT easy!

Happy Monday -- 5 days until Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Love the beads on the wine glass. Such a cute idea!

p.s. you should totally go see Tangled by yourself! I love going to movies alone, actually :)

Scientific Housewife said...

How sweet of your hubby! Looks great!

Betty said...

Love the wine charm idea! And the xmas lights look great!

Nicole said...

super cute idea and love the decorations!

Amber said...

You're so crafty!! Seriously so crafty!

How sweet of hubby to put up the decorations for you. I love the lights!

Anngela said...

...or see Tangled with me--I'll go again!! haha :) It was THAT good!!

LOVE the lights--especially the bigger ones lining the roof, I LOVE that style!!

Yay for presents under the tree!! I love when it starts getting full of gifts underneath the tree!! :)

Faith said...

it is so exciting to see gifts under the tree!!

that was so sweet of J to put up the lights!

love the wine glass idea!

Lady Fromage said...

House looks great, and those wine charms are darling!

We've spent 2 Christmases (?) married, and both years hubs has been conveniently gone when it came time to hang the outside lights... Hm...

Natalie said...

Such a pretty idea!