Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY Halloween Mask: Mini-Tutorial

So finances are tight here in our household BUT we are invited to a couple Halloween parties, ONE of which we are not allowed to attend without costume.  So what could we do???  We don't need to be spending lots of money on a costume that we will only wear once...  I know! A masquerade type theme!! AND I already have the perfect outfit: a hot red dress and some amazing black shoes!  Now all I need is a DIY mask! 
Anngela, from Anngela's Pretty Little Things came over and we set out to collect supplies! She is making hers for a themed bachelorette party: how fun!

Paint (optional)Lace
Sparkle trim
Hot Glue gun and glue
Spray adhesive

As you can see from our picture -- we had WAY more than we needed.  We weren't sure what would and would not work.  I cheated on mine and bought a gold mask.  Anngela bought a plain white mask and painted hers pink. 
First -- (Anngela painting hers was first but I didn't paint mine so this is my first step lol!) I cut some of my lace and decided how I wanted it on my mask.  Then I sprayed the adhesive onto the mask -- holy cow it was THE stickiest spray adhesive EVER! I proceeded to glue down the lace onto the mask.
The next step was adding the feathers -- I part my hair from right to left so I put the feathers on the right side.  We used the spray adhesive when adding the feathers
We decided to add some lace trim, using our hot glue gun, around most of the mask but thought it looked a little awkward going all the way down on to the face and nose so we nixed that portion.
Our final touch was a little bit of sequin trim around the eyes -- we thought it gave it a really finished look. =) 
We are super excited with the finished product and are considering having some sort of themed party or girls night out so that we can wear them again! WOO!
I can't wait to wear the full outfit!! Now I need to add some accents to J's hat so that his costume will tie in with mine!


Charlie said...

ahhh those masks are awesome!! and i love the new banner at the top of the page. (it is new right...maybe bigger?) nice work :)

Betty said...

Nice job! I really like the lace trim addition. Can't wait to see the full costumes! :)

redwhitebride said...

this is awesome! can't wait to see the costume! XO

Anonymous said...

So creative! I think I need one of those b/c I have a costume party to go to as well.

Anonymous said...

These turned out really great! I'm impressed!

Christina said...

They turned out awesome! Nice work!

Katie said...

I love these mask! Thanks for linking up @!

Faith said...

i love that! so creative! i can't wait to see the full costume!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those are totally gorgeous! Great job!

Sandy Ang said...

Wow- these are fantastic !