Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From the Couch: Paint Brush Holder

I have acquired a lot of paint brushes in the last couple years.  I don't do a lot of paintin but I say I am going to ALL. THE. TIME! I collect brushes but not paint so it is more of a threat than anything. =) Oh well! 
I wanted something to do From the Couch one night this weekend so I rummaged through our cabinets for a can or something cylidrical in shape.
VIOLA!! A Morton's Salt canister would work -- especially since it was almost empty.
I was hell bent on removing the label...although I'm STILL not sure why? Since the next step would be to cover it and make it pretty??  No matter!
I wrapped it in pretty paper and added some ribbon. 
SUPER simple and ultra cute for my paint brushes.  Now I have no excuse to lose them AND I don't need to keep buying any...for the time being.


Christina said...

That looks awesome! I love plaids, especially girly-looking ones :)

Tutti said...

I love these projects from the couch! I too want to spend as much time with hubs as possible so being off in another room while he's watching TV- is just sad. What a great idea to bring you two together- at least in the same room :)

Lovin' the paint brush holder too! Oober cute. Do you have a craft corner where you can display it?

Anngela said...

My brushes are in a roll-up bag...which is ridiculously overflowing! Along with three new sets of brushes I HAD to have because they were on clearance haha Maybe a few of these little containers would help me out some :)

Faith said...

your craftiness kills me. rub some of that on me.

Anonymous said...

OH super cute Idea!!!