Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DIY - Meal Planner Chalkboard

J and I are trying to eat at home more.  We figured out that the reason we were eating out so often was because we weren't planning ahead.  So by the time we got home from work, nothing was thawed out or ready to be cooked, so we would just go out and grab something.  Aside from this hurting our bank account, we seem to have the WORST luck with things and our order is generally wrong...I think my bad luck rubbed off lol!
So in order to be more organized, I made us a Meal Planner Chalkboard!

{What You'll Need}
Flat surface/shelf/plywood/etc
Chalkboard Spray Paint
Frame or Wood Edging/finishing

I had a shelf that wasn't being used -- it had originally been part of an ikea desk.  I painted it with the Chalkboard spray paint. While that was drying, I painted the wood edging with a glossy white paint.  Since I had to wait at least 24 hours for the chalkboard paint to dry, I had PLENTY of time to cut everything else out.  I used my Cricut and Design studio to create the boxes for the days.  I proceeded to use my cricut for the days of the week and the 'whats cookin' text. I had J use finishing nails and nail the wood to the chalkboard.  I am a big fan of elmer's glue, so I use it often on many projects.  I find it works just as well -- for most projects I use the clear glue. Using this adhesive, I added all my cut outs.   Since this was originally a shelf, there wasn't any way to hang it.  I found some of those circle ceiling hooks and we screwed them into the top of the shelf.  Hang and Viola!
I am hoping this helps us -- we'll use it but it becomes a matter of staying on track =)



Christina said...

I love it! Great idea. I may have to try that.

Betty said...

I love this! We are trying to become better at meal planning too.

Tutti said...

1) That looks so great you could SELL it!
2) You are taunting me with that circut machine again Ash!! :)
3) What a great project! Not only is it adorable, but it acts as great kitchen art AND keeps your meals a bit more organized- which ultimately saves you money!! I'm not sure it can get better than that!

Anonymous said...

Well if it works or not, it's still a super cute idea!!!

cailen ascher said...

such a cute craft! (isn't chalkboard paint the best?!)

Bride Flu said...

So cute! Love it! I agree with Tami, you could totally sell those!

J and I eat out too much as well. But we've noticed that with grocery prices in LA, it's almost just as expensive to cook at home as it is to go out to a restaurant. No joke. Plus, then we don't have to do dishes!

Ashley said...

That is awesome! I love them! We just use the old fashioned computer paper menu :)

Faith said...

i bet your middle name is Brilliant!

i love that idea! so much better than paper and pen, hehe.

Ashley said...

Can I just tell you how AMAZING this is?! I totally have to do it now. :)