Friday, October 15, 2010

J&A Chronicles: Super Bowl

WHEW! There are lots of things to cover before getting to our 1st wedding anniversary and beginning the wedding coverage! =)
 So now it's 2009 and football season is coming to a close...but WAIT! My team went to the Super Bowl against the Arizona Cardinals! We hosted a Super Bowl 'party' at our house -- yippeee!! =)
This was also the year that a 3-D show/commercial aired and everyone had to have 3-d glasses. 
Ruger even got in on the action!!
They won -- but barely.  For those of you who remember, it was almost a devastating loss by the Steelers. They pulled it out in the end! WOO!      
You may notice that J is only in the first picture. =/  This is because at some point in the evening he started feeling very sick so he went to bed by half time. =( My dad and I had a good time still -- can you tell?! =)


Anonymous said...

I love how the dog even got a pair of 3-D glasses! That's awesome!

Ashley said...

Woohoo, go steelers!

Faith said...

ha! love that last picture!