Tuesday, October 26, 2010

M's Birthday

This past weekend was M's birthday.  J took him and a couple buddies fishing first thing Saturday morning -- first thing being they left the house at 5 AM! good thing I had to be up that early already for my run/race.
That night, CC (M's wife and my good friend) had the great idea to have dinner and fondue at their house.  Everyone chipped in to help with the cost of all the food and we all brought some drinks.
M (birthday boy) & CC

My Little Sis

CC's rice krispie treats -- they are ADDICTING!
The fondue made the party interesting.  CC bought chocolate chips to melt in the fondue pots BUT no one read any kind of directions.  i didn't know what you were supposed to do with fondue that wasn't the baker's chocolate...EVERYONE had an opinion/tip to give to us.  In the end, we added everything from milk to butter to Bailey's Irish Cream to a liquor to rum&coke!
You can see in the back of this picutre - a friend adding his rum and coke to the mix!
How many people does it take to make fondue?!
It ended up being really yummy but it was quite the comedic event -- seeing how many people it took to make fondue and what ingredients we ended up using.


Tutti said...

Nothing a little Rum & Coke can't make better ;)

Nicole said...

I want to get my husband a fondue pot! I think making it at home would be a blast! Rachael Ray has a bunch of Fondue type recipes if you're ever needing some :)

Maria said...

Hey - it's Maria from you craft me up! You asked me how I keep my table clean- I wipe it like 20 times a day! :D My 3 kids are constantly touching it, so trust me it is not always clean! But I have found that Clorox wipes are the best for a streak-free shine! The lysol ones streak really bad, but the clorox make it oh so pretty! hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Way to improvise! I'm sure it tasted yummy :) Sometimes those things make the best memories!

Faith said...

haha! too fun! i bet that fondue tasted amazing!