Monday, October 4, 2010

New Restaurant: Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse

This weekend, J and I tried a new restaurant with our group of friends.  This will be number 2 of my Day Zero Project.  This place was very very similar to Kobe Steakhouse but a LOT cheaper and only about 3 miles from the house.
We all did the hibachi grill menu -- I had chicken and shrimp.  Turns out I didn't need that much at ALL and next time we go, J and I will share a meal.  We had enough to take home a FULL box of leftovers as another meal.
Our friend, Dave, got to talking with our chef, who was awesome, and was invited to go back behind the grill to try to flip an egg into the air and catch it cleanly on the metal spatula.  He did it but the egg did crack.  it was a LOT of fun! 
I didn't take a picture of the guys, they don't really care.  Us girls, we enjoy our pictures.  Plus, how hot are we?! =)
We'll definitely be going back to this place, there won't be a wait and the atmosphere was really laid back.  The only thing they were missing was the signature Scorpion cocktail that Kobe's serves. =)


Amber said...

Looks like a great night out with friends. I love a good Japanese Steakhouse - especially a decent priced one! :)

Tutti said...

I love the restaurants where they cook in front of you! It's like a personal dinner show where your food is the star!!! .

Faith said...

i love Hibachi! so good! makes me want to make a date with some friends!