Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Random Wednesday

{1}It is really annoying that some things are sold online EXCLUSIVELY.  I finally find a coffee/creamer combination that I enjoy and our single cup coffee maker poops out! =/ BOOO!!!! SO I get online and see that Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes all carry the product I am trying to find.  It's perfect! So I head out to the stores only to find that NONE of them have it!!! So I get online again and BAM! There it is -- ONLINE ONLY!!! WHAT?!?!  but WHY?! So now I have to decide if I want to order one online and wait a couple days for it to get here OR if I want to buy a small 4-cup coffee maker.  While I spend time attempting to make this decision, I could have already ordered it and received the darn thing in the mail. 

{2}Oh yes, didn't you hear -- I found a coffee and creamer that i like! YAY!!!!  So we now need 2 single cup coffee makers: one for home and one for my desk at work.  The coffee I found is a Hawaiian bean by Brother's (I think) it's found at Publix where you can grind your own beans! =) WOO!  The creamer is a delicious thing -- it's by International Delight and is one of their new flavors: Vanilla Caramel Cream!! YUM!

{3}This past Monday I realized that there are a mere FIVE, yes you read correctly 5 , weeks until the 1/2 marathon I have been training to run.  EEEP!!! Needless to say I have been pretty slacker.  Monday was my turning point and I have found new motivation! WOO HOO!!  Since Monday I have already run 7.5 miles and I have a 4.5 mile run scheduled for tonight! Go me!!! Our 7 mile run is planned for Sunday so that also helped get me into gear.

{4}Today, J and I have been married for SEVEN MONTHS!!! YAY!! Where in the world have the past months gone?  I had to count a couple times to make sure we were right on how many months it's been.  It seems like yesterday I was with my girls getting our nails done and packing to leave for the wedding.  For our parents, we decided to make albums as the thank you gifts.  I finally finished both and we gave them to each set of parents.  They have taken them to work to show them off (aww) and thanked us repeatedly.  The real thanks goes to them for their love and support!

{5}I spoke with one our photographers (a family friend of J's) and he has agreed to do my TTD (trash the dress) photos -- mine will be more of a rock the dress since I won't trash it!! I am hoping to talk J into taking some of the pictures with me.  Since the weather is finally cooling down I feel way more up for it!! I can't wait!! He said one afternoon after work or on a Sunday. So now I am stalking the weather waiting for a beautiful day and I have to make sure he's available!! I have been wanting to do this since we returned from the honeymoon but here in CFL it gets hot quickly once you get through March. 

{6}J and I are dealing with some things -- some of you are familiar with them others are in the dark about them.  If you could find the time, we could really use positive thoughts and/or prayers for something to give for us.  *No we aren't trying to be parents yet, don't get carried away* I will probably discuss in more detail once we get through it but right now is not a good time.  Part of what we are hoping for is a good job for J.  He has owned his own business since 2003 but there isn't enough work or income as it was a company involved in construction and site maintenance.  As you can imagine, work as decreased tremendously.  So, if you are one that needs a specific 'something', that would be the biggest help for us, that J will get hired.

{7}To end on a positive note, we are half way through the week! WOO!!  The Steelers are coming off their bi-week on Sunday and Big Ben Roethlisberger will be returning to the head quarterback position against the Browns! J and I will be going to my parent's house to watch the game and have some family time.  It's always more fun to cheer with people that enjoy the same team and who love you. Maybe this week we can make J a Big Ben Believer! =) Go Steelers!!!

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Tutti said...

Yummy Hawaiian coffee and fun Trash the Dress photoshoots... you are totally after my own hearts, aren't you Ash? :)

My thoughts and positive vibes coming to hubs on the job front.

Karli said...

So glad you found an awesome coffee/creamer combo that you like! Now you can stay warm!

I so want to do a trash the dress (not so much trash as you said just rock the dress) every year! I'm so in love with my dress that I know I'm going to want to wear it ALL the time - like annually! :)

I'll keep you & J in my thoughts and prayers!! Good vibes are headed your way!

Christina said...

The single serving cup machines are the best! We have one at work and I love it! Fresh coffee always :) I'll have to get the pumpkin one for you to try if the bring it back this year...I had it last year at a friend's house and YUM!

Of course, you and J are in my prayers! Hopefully good things come soon!

cailen ascher said...

trash the dress sounds like fun (though i don't know if i could bring myself to do it....)

{good thoughts for you and j}

AiringMyLaundry said...

My husband wants the Browns to win.

I wish I liked coffee.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I've been trying to talk the hubs into a photo sesh with my gown too. It's not going very well. HA! I'll have to check out that coffee!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo album idea for the parents!!!

And I love the trash the dress shots but yeah, I couldn't trash my dress either :) Rock the dress sounds better!

Faith said...

oooh i still want to do a trash the dress! i don't think i can fit in it now though, hehe.

sending prayers to you and the hubs. hoping everything falls into place for you both.