Friday, October 1, 2010

J & A Chronicles: Camp Fire

Happy OCTOBER 1st!!!  Holy cow -- September flew by!!
At this point, you have learned about the big events that occurred during the first year of our relationship: trips, family time, a wedding -- now we are beginning our second year, the one during which J proposes!! =)
One cold (and yes it actually gets cold in the South) November evening, J and I went over to his parent's house.  They set up a fire out back in their newly purchased fire pit.  J's brother and his brother's girlfriend came over and we all cooked hot dogs over the fire. 
THEN the very best part: we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores! YUM!! These are some of my all time favorite snacks! 
We all sat around the fire laughing and being silly, while our dog played with J's parent's dog, Harley.  This was such a fun night of family time...I just love family time. =)


Christina said...

Oooo, I LOVE smores. We should make a campfire and make them soon...


go tent camping!!!

Tutti said...

Family is so important. And having these memories- priceless. Especially when they are accompanies by S'mores :)

Anonymous said...

great photos... although you'd have to eat my smores... I don't like marshmallows.

Faith said...

love the chronicles. i LOVE smores so much. i like to make them so much that even when we cant have a fire i make them at home in the microwave, lol.

Anngela said...

Yum!! We should make this a tradition!! This year, I won't have to leave early for work :) I love how it WAS cold (notice my scarf and jacket) but the guys still sported their tees!! haha