Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From the Couch: DIY Subway Art

OK, so I AM calling it from the couch but it's only SEMI-From the couch.
This subway art is really fun and I just love the look of it!!  I have wanted to do this for some time but wasn't sure WHAT I would use to pull words from.  I decided I would use my and J's relationship/wedding/marriage.  I want to make some for the different seasons BUT that will wait until I have some place to store all the different seasonal decor.
I cheated from a lot of the tutorials.  I used the Design Studio for my Cricut.  Once I figured out the words, I designed what and how I wanted the cuts to be in the program. 
Then I cut out the words -- well I didn't, the Bug did! =)
I spent the next half hour removing the letters, gluing everything down and then framing it.  The part that took the most time was doing the like cut outs for like the B, A, D, R, etc. I used a frame that I had stored in my craft room but nothing to put in it. =)
The swirly mess is our last name -- sorry I'm paranoid like that. Like I said, I just LOVE the look.  I'm not sure where it will hang, but that's OK.  It's still very pretty =)

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Anonymous said...

oh I love it! I want one!

Tutti said...

I did a little clap when I saw this. And how CUTE did it turn out?! Love it!! It seems like you use your Circut quite a bit for all sorts of different projects? I don't have one- but you are making me think I should put it on my Xmas list this year. Hmmmm.

And you just HAVE to do this for the different seasons! Especially you, Mrs.-I'm-crazy-for-the-holidays-to-arrive!! :)


Love this! I've been planning to make some subway art with the Fruits of the Spirit. Thanks for sharing! Fun blog!

cailen ascher said...

wow. very cool!