Friday, October 29, 2010

J & A Chronicles: Anniversary of Our 1st Date

Every year on March 25, J and I go on a date.  We do this to commemorate our 1st date, the day that started it all.  This was the 2nd anniversary of our first date.  J told me he had a surprise for me and was taking me somewhere nice.  I was THRILLED!  He had planned something and it was a surprise and I had nothing to do with it! WOO!!
He told me to go and get a new dress, shoes, the whole nine yards.  What would any NORMAL girl think?! That's right --I thought that would be the night.  I was so excited.
He took me to an amazing French restaurant.  It was quiet and romantic and had the perfect ambiance. At the time, I thought he seemed nervous and he kept putting his hands in his lap.  In retrospect, he may have just done this because it was a little warm in the place. He looked so good that night and I just could hardly contain myself!
We had seared Tuna as an appetizer.  I had the steak and he had chicken coq au vin. Everything was amazing - even the vegetables!  After dinner we ordered creme brulee -- it was my first ever. We were very pleased with the food quality and service. After our 3 course meal, J paid and we went home.  We walked in the house and he changed clothes and plopped down on the couch. To say I was surprised is an understatement.  I really thought he was going to ask me.  *sigh* Oh well -- I knew he would I just didn't know when, which is how it should be.  Little did I know I would only be waiting another 15 days!
Hanging out After Our Big Date


Anonymous said...

They love to make us sweat, don't they :) We celebrate our first date anniversary too!

cailen ascher said...

what an adorable story! thanks for sharing : )

happy weekend & happy halloween!!!!

Nicole said...

haha... maybe he did that to throw you :)

Tutti said...

Lol... brings back so many memories of when I thought Hubs was going to 'pop the question', but didn't. It's SO worth the wait though. And how cute do you look in that little outfit! What a perfect way to celebrate a 2 year date anniversary. So fun to look back on it now, huh? :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I totally forgot about our first date this year. We must be getting old. HA! Happy anniversary!

Faith said...

haha, men are so funny & smart! they know that they can't do it when you are expecting ... so why not tell you to buy a new dress and shoes ... take you to a fancy dinner AND then proceed NOT to ask you to marry them, haha.

we will always celebrate our first dating anniversary. to me it is almost as important as our wedding anniversary! :)

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Aww!! Sweeet!!! Now I wanna hear the rest!! :)