Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Cookie Party

Last night, a group of girlfriends got together for a Christmas Cookie Party.  Some of us brought recipes/ingredients for specific cookies -- others brought decorating supplies and cookie cutters for traditional Christmas Sugar Cookies.
I brought stuff to make "Thin Mint" Cookies.
Ritz Crackers
Peppermint Extract
Chocolate Melts
Wax Paper
Sprinkles (optional)

Melt the chocolate in a double broiler or (my way) in a microwave.
Add peppermint extract to chocolate to taste.
Dip the Ritz Crackers in the chocolate.
Lay on Wax Paper to harden.
If you have sprinkles, add to top of cookie/cracker as desired before the chocolate hardens.
Viola! Homemade Thin Mint Cookies! =)

We had a TON of cookies and had so much fun! It was a great idea for a girl's night get together!


JMB said...

Now THAT looks like my kind of Christmas party!! A thin mint sounds goood right now!!

Young and Fabulous said...

oh my god that looks like so much fun! what a great idea!

i stole the thin mint recipe so i will be making those! :) ill let you know how they come out..thanks for the recipe hun!

xoxo have an amazing holiday!

Kat said...

I am definitely going to have to try the ritz cookies this weekend for our Ugly Sweater Party! Thanks for the tip!!!

ps...come check out the necklace giveaway at She's a dear friend of mine :)

Megan said...

Ahhh, you must have read my mind!! We are having a cookie party tonight, except we have to bring them! I'm definitely going to try the thin mints! They look delicious!!!!

Christina said...

Ok, after seeing pictures from your camera, I want one.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Oh my goodness....those all look so amazing. Where was my invite ha!! You made me hungry. Girl you have the CUTEST blog and I just love it. Try the won't regret it!

Tutti said...

Awww, I used to do this with the ladies in my neighborhood every holiday season. It was SO much fun.

How can it NOT be fun with all those COOKIES! :)

Scientific Housewife said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Faith said...

this sounds like a perfect girl's night! i want a cookie night too! looked like a blast and those thin mints sound awesome. easy and delish! i will have to try that!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... All the cookies look yummy! Fun!

Unknown said...

I love making and especially eating Christmas cookies :) Looks like a blast! xoxo

Katie said...

Looks like you girls had a great time!