Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If It Weren't Tuesday This Whould Be Titled Miscellany Monday

Welcome back to Reality, peeps! How was your weekend? Was it totally fabulous?!
I have a lot going on and lots of thoughts to share. Who knew I would miss putting it all out there for you?! Apparently writing it all down is helpful for me =)

We put an offer in on a house on Friday night. Please keep us in your thoughts today. This home is so beautiful and everything we want in a home. Seriously -- The only way it could be any more perfect would be if it CAME with the appliances lol. We should hear back by the end of today whether the offer was accepted or not.

Saturday was a 'work' day -- J did work for his company and I did chores...booo chores! Once J got home, he was exhausted, so I made a quick/easy dinner and he was asleep on the couch very early. I stayed up a little just so I wasn't WIDE awake in bed.
Sunday was spent on the lake -- well a few hours were. We had a great time -- unfortunately I didn't upload any pictures yet OR get the ones from my friends. We took Ruger out with us -- which was interesting haha. I had taken him for a 5.5 mile run that morning and then we had him swimming and playing. Needless to say he was exhausted by the time we got him home.  Sunday night we went up to Home Depot and Lowe's to start price checking to figure out how much we are going to need to spend initially to get into the home, since there are NO light fixtures or appliances.  That's OK -- we'll get to pick what we love. =) But we needed to figure out the costs IF we get the house and where the money would come from. That was a lot of fun -- I LOVE looking at light fixtures. I don't know why -- but it makes me really happy haha!
Monday we went to see what kind of deal we could get on another nightstand -- when J bought his bedroom furniture I wasn't in the picture SO he only bought ONE nightstand. We found the one he bought 4 years ago, and DANG furniture is EXPENSIVE when you don't buy it as a package deal! hopefully we can work out a deal with the next sales associate we have to deal with. For now, we are just price checking because EVENTUALLY, whichever home we get into, I want my own nightstand! =)

It has officially been about a week and a half since I cut off all my hair. I don't have the issues like I was having -- I was SERIOUSLY upset about cutting it off.  It can ALMOST go into a ponytail now. That helps. The bad thing is that I have to ACTUALLY style it every day -- so no getting up late for this girl! It is already almost touching my shoulders, so I am starting to like it all the time =) J LOVES it. he touches it a lot but I think that is mostly due to the fact that it is so different.

I have decided that I am going to run 2 halves coming up -- 1 at the end of this year and then the other at the beginning of next year.  I extended my runs this weekend -- I ran 5.5 and 5 Saturday and Sunday.  I know I probably shouldn't have done back to back long runs but I felt SO amazing! The dog really enjoyed it too =) I am really looking forward to getting back into the training.  I did realize that I am in desperate need of some new running shoes!

I also need a new bra (s) -- BAD! I just can't find any that I really love that actually hold up for a bit. I have tried VS but they don't really fit me well =/ I have considered going to the VS Pink store, hoping that since their stuff runs smaller that they would be better for me? I have been buying them at Kohl's -- they fit well but seem to stretch out quickly. Any suggestions???

I am so happy it is a short week -- I always have trouble getting back into it after a long weekend.
In happy news! Christina @ Lou Lou Runs Florida gave me an AWARD! WOO! Thanks sweet lady!
I have to share 7 randoms about myself and tag 7 bloggers!

{1} I can't get into the Twilight movies. I LOVED the books -- seriously, I read them 2 times. The movies...well I saw the first one and thought it was an absolute train wreck! I wouldn't have made the same casting choices they made. I was very VERY disappointed. (please don't hate me lol)

{2} I only eat mints until the stripes are gone.  Weird, right? I notice when they are dissolved based on the taste. No, Really. I think they taste different without the stripes. J usually eats the rest -- it grosses some people out that we do this but, hey, he kisses me and it is just a mint...it isn't a toothbrush or anything haha

{3}I get really wrapped up in things and attach myself emotionally very quickly.  Like this house we put an offer on, I know I will probably cry if we don't get it. I get my hopes up really high really early.

{4} I make everything a competition, even when I don't realize or intend to do so. I made picking the house into a competition. I have even done it with paint colors and who makes better eggs or washes the dishes better. It is a really annoying habit that I am trying to at least keep an inner struggle.

{5} I am very passionate -- especially about friends and family. If you do anything to wrong them, even when it doesn't involve me in any way, I get really made. I don't have a short temper, but the people who I have in my life mean a lot to me, so don't mess with them. Especially my little sister -- mess with her, I'll take you out ;)

{6} I am the sports fan in this relationship. We only go to bars to watch games because it is the one I want to see that isn't on. J couldn't really care any less but he has fun and I am determined to make him a Steelers fan yet =) This past season he actually started cheering -- we'll get there with the help of Marc and Daddy.

{7} I have a hard time coming home from work when J is home and doing my workout. I just want to chill out with him when I get home. It is really hard finding motivation to do things when he is there...I just want to do things with him =)


Well -- I think that is enough randoms for one day =) Happy TUESDAY! YAY only a few days of work and then we are back to the glorious weekend!! WOOT! haha!


Unknown said...

I am so happy that y'all had such a wonderful weekend together and I am praying that everything works out with the house if it's meant to be!! That is so exciting! Thank you so much for the award-you are so precious! Have a blessed day! xoxo

Kristen said...

I completely agree with you about the Twilight movies - the books are so much better. And I like all the casting choices they made except for Edward and Bella - they have more personality in the books and are such complete duds in the movies, I hate it. Although I have to admit that I still own the movies. haha

Good luck with the house! I hope you get it or find one soon that you love. :)
We're actually going to start house hunting next month and Ryan's already warned me to try and not get attached too quickly (I'm the same way as you). haha

Glad you had a good weekend and congrats on the award! :)

BeckyJo606 said...

Good luck with the house!! I hope it all works out--especially because I love reading about people's homes being decorated, etc.! SO fun! And, I totally agree with you about Twilight movies! Very true!

Anngela said...

Didn't know about this house?! Hope it works out!!! And that's it's somewhat close by?! Fingers crossed!!
& yes, even though the books are MUCH better, the movies are still fun to watch. The first was lame, but they get better and better as they go... :)

JMB said...

OOOOOH new home! I hope you get it!!! How exciting!! I think we are just the opp. child. I hate the Twilight books but like the movies....sounds like your weekend was jam packed full of fun!!!

Donna said...

Totally with you on Twilight....I really don't understand the fixation!

Good luck on the house, I've got everything crossed for you =)

Kristen said...

so exciting! thanks love!