Thursday, May 19, 2011

The One Where I Was Pretty Random

I have lots going through my pretty little head right now...SO bear with me if it gets a little kerbobbled up in here =)

First things -- last night while at a new restaurant, Cariera's Cucina Italiana

having dinner with my sister, future-brother-in-law and Mommy, Lou Holtz walked into the restaurant! Seriously! Lou -Freaking-Holtz! I was pretty excited.  He and his wife were having a date.  It was so cute! We waited until after he paid his bill before walking up and talking to him.
I know there are some that couldn't care less -- but I was pretty star-struck by him.  It was awesome. AND he introduced his wife of 50 years. It was really sweet and super awesome-sauce!

The Husband and I are going to look at homes tonight!! I am so excited!!! It isn't EXACTLY what we want to spend the rest of our lives in but they are really nice (based on the pictures) for what we want/need/afford right now. As I previously said, we accepted an offer on our house -- we are just waiting to get the next part of the process moving.

I am very ready to donate my hair.  I have been working myself up to it for months and now I'm just READY! I have kind of had it with the length -- especially with summer approaching and it is going to be hot. I know it makes me look young, but it is for a good cause -- I'll be donating it (as I already mentioned -- geez get it together Ash!)  Here is what it looks like short...

The above pictures were taken in 2007
OR maybe something a little different, a tad more grown up -- a la Reese in Sweet Home Alabama.
I know I LOVE my long hair but really -- it is time to change it up a bit. I would totally just have to convince The Husband that this is a good idea and besides, it will grow back. PLEASE someone give me an opinion!

I bought a new primer last weekend -- Too Faced: Primed and Poreless. If you have skin that is even a tad sensitive, stay AWAY. I love the way it feels, but after 3 days of use, it burnt my face! Like my face is sensitive to touch and feels like I have some sort of chemical burn =(  it isn't so bad that I can't cover it, but it doesn't feel good at all. Oh and it made me peel pretty badly =( I know some girls it works PERFECT, for me it didn't ... which is so sad but I'm glad the 'problem' is easily treated/fixed/covered.

Alright peeps -- I have lots more but I have to get back to work because THIS GIRL is headed to the dentist in about 2 hours. I'm not a HUGE fan of the dentist but that is mostly because I haven't found one I liked or is a new dentist so FINGERS CROSSED!

Happy Friday Eve!


Unknown said...

That is so awesome y'all ran into Lou Holtz!! How nice of him to take a pic with you and introduce you to his wife! Praying for y'all on the house situation-hopefully everything will work out the way it's supposed to! I think your hair looks precious shorter-you can totally pull it off! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

That's so cool you got to meet Lou Holtz! And how cute he was on a date with his wife of 50 years! Good luck on the house hunting tonight! That must be so exciting for you!

Oh, and I LOVE your hair short! It looks really good on you! Yayy for you donating it! That is so sweet of you.

Blogging Blondie

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Good luck at the dentish girlfrannnn! I don't like them either and the one dentist I found and liked when out of business... FAIL! I think you look adorbs with short hair! For a long time I thought that since I have dyed my hair I couldn't donate but I found out recently that you actually can... I am going to wait until this time next year (my hair doesn't grown very fast) and I will donate then! What a sweet thing to do... and I LOVE ME SOME REESE!

BeckyJo606 said...

Good luck going to the dentist--I need to find one myself! I like your haircut in the picture--super cute and chic!!

Katie said...

I love your hair long! But I'm a long hair freak. I do understand changing it up cause sometimes I feel that way too. If you can deal with the "in between akward phase" when you want to grow it back out then I say go for it! :)

Anonymous said...

That's so cool about Lou!! I met Bill Belichick and freaked out...everyone thought I was nuts, but I was so star-struck!!

Good luck on the house...we were looking, too, but decided to rent because we didn't want to rush into something and we found a house that we LOVE for rent. And now it's ours...for 12 months :)

I donated my hair a few years ago and have never grown it back out...I don't know how I kept it so long! It was such maintenance. I can't wait to see pictures!!

Nicole said...

You're right, it grows back and you look cute with the shorter hair. Mine is slowly growing back :( I want it to speed up now :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

sending you some positive waves your way...the hubby and i just got married too and can't wait to look at houses someday soon! donating hair is of my co-worker does that all the time and i think it is exciting!

amy said...

You should totally go for the Reese look!! Plus donating your hair is amazing!

PS. I HATE going to the dentist too!

Allison said...

I wish I looked good with short hair, but I think you'd look SUPER cute with the cut from Sweet Home Alabama, I LOVED her hair in that movie :D

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am ALL FOR people chopping their hair! Do it, like you said it'll grow back!

Raquel said...

Hey lovely i just stumbled across your blog and i love it! I'm a new follower :)

Btw thats so cool that you got to meet Lou Holtz!

April Rowell said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah :) the Reese! It's such a cute cut!

Jessica and Stephan said...

I will never ever like the dentist....eew.

Faith said...

i can't wait to see your new hair! i think it is going to look amazing!

and congrats on selling your home! how exciting! hope you and hubby find the perfect home!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house hunt! And your hair looks gorgeous either way!! Can't wait to see what you do!

Bonnie said...

I think you would look adorable with that "Sweet Home Alabama" haircut! I can totally see you rocking that style.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Megan said...

That's so sweet that you are going to donate your hair!! I have always wanted to do that, but I highlight my hair, so they don't like that.

Tami said...

I love Reese's hair in Sweet Home Alabama. You should definitely go for it- it would look so cute on you.