Friday, May 13, 2011

Skinny Betch

I'm in pretty good shape -- I enjoy running so it isn't an issue for me to work out to keep my weight at a reasonable level. Let's be real here, I workout so that I can eat.  I enjoy ice cream and candies and chips and CARBS! I could never diet because I really enjoy food.  Because of this I have to work to maintain a healthy weight -- oh and by the way, I lack a lot of self control where food is involved haha!

I am making a valiant attempt to drink TONS more water, starting today, and slowly work soda out of my life.  Other than that, I don't know that I can wean myself off of other things like sugars or chips haha. So at least this is a step towards being healthier =)

As many of you may (my fellow Floridians are well aware) or may not realize (my cousin got 6 inches of snow in NM a week ago!) swimsuit season is upon us. That's right people - it is time to lock up those sweaters and pull out the sundresses and bikinis. Hello flip-flops and boat time! ....

anyone else feel like they need to "tighten up" (or think of that scene from Knocked Up while discussing working out?!)??  I know I need to.  I run when I'm feeling blah but I really want to get back into my work out gets in the way of that sometimes.  First I was injured (back in the beginning of the year), then I was sick for a WHILE and then this past weekend I spent FIVE days in TX. People, that kinda crap takes me RIGHT OUT of my workout routine. This is not to say the family time wasn't worth it or that I didn't NEED the break from working out at the beginning of the is just that getting back into it is a GIANT P.I.T.A.! But I am working on it. =)

So while waiting to pay for the largest bottle of water I could find while at the store, something sweet caught my eye...
Skinny Cow: Dreamy Clusters
(the ones on the right haha)

Now I have had Skinny Cow in the past -- I usually buy the ice cream sandwiches which are super yummy.  The best way to describe these dreamy clusters are as turtle you know what I am talking about?! They are SO yummy!! I am SO thankful that the bag isn't bigger because, seriously, I would NOT be able to control my snacking.
For reals, they are THAT delicious!
If you are in need of something sweet that isn't going to cost you 300+ calories, you should totally try these yummy little morsels!
In the meantime, happy Friday and have a Fabulous weekend!


TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

YUM... those look delicious. I have had the ice cream bars, too - the mint ones are also good! ;) I feel the same way - I work out so I can eat whatever I want. I am very addicted to carbs... YUM! I do need to tighten up and it's getting harder and harder as I get older. I'm on the water wagon with you - trying to drink lots of it!

Nicole said...

giving up pop, especially cold turkey is hard. I haven't touched it in 33 days and I can't really say I miss it to much now... but I went from drinking to straight water. Ouch!

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh those look delicious!!! I might have to pick some of those up this week!

Melissa said...

Skinny Cow is so good!!! I love all there stuff! I have been soda free for almost 2 months, i only drank 1 can a day but i decided 1 can of Diet Mt.Dew was too much, so jut water this lady! Good luck and you will feel so much better without it! :)

Unknown said...

You are funny! I bet they are yum but they look full of dairy and I can't have dairy. :(

Unknown said...

I love me some carbs, too lol. The Skinny Cow desserts are so good! xoxo