Sunday, October 17, 2010

From the Couch {Tutorial}: Etched Mug

This project was kind of done all over the place BUT it's a 'From the Couch' project.  Since discovering a coffee I will drink, I have had aspirations of using a cute and CUSTOMIZED mug.  I thought about painting one but didn't think that would be the safest route to take.  Then I remembered that I have Glass Etching Solution!!! WOOO!! Now to find that perfect glass mug....
WalMart was the winner in this scavenger hunt.  AND for $2.50 how could I pass it up?!?
I took my new treasure home and thought about what I would etch into the glass...the letter "W" for sure -- since it IS the first initial of OUR last name (for those who are close to me, you know it was also the first initial of my maiden name lol). 
I looked through my cricut cartridge books {Sorry Tami -- this is another project with my Cricut ;)} to try to figure out what design I wanted on the other side.  I thought a hibiscus would suit very nicely. 
I cut out the shapes with my cricut on VINYL.  This is important, as the vinyl sticks to the glass...which is necessary when applying the etching solution.
I put the vinyl on my mug.  Be sure to use the the 'scrap' cut -- as in not the MAIN cut out piece you would NORMALLY use.  You want to use the outline of it.  Here, a picture can explain better =)
Then, I covered the exposed glass with the etching solution using a paint brush.
I left it on for about an hour: which is WAY longer than needed but HEY too long can't hurt it =)
 Rinse the dried solution off the glass and remove the vinyl. VIOLA!!!
Enjoy your personalized etched mug =)
The best part is since the glass was chemically etched, it won't rub off or wash off or anything! SCORE! =)
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Amelia Dence said...

love that! I want one now!

Tutti said...

Gasp... that, that... that is adorable!!! I know I always say that I love everything you do- but it's so true!! And what a great new vessel to welcome coffee into your life (coffee is just grand and I'm glad you are joining the club)

That's it- the Circut is moving up to the TOP of my Xmas list this year. Man, I'm so jelly of all these cool projects you do with it! Crazy jelly :)

Betty said...

Wow! Your coffee mug looks fantastic-great work!

Anonymous said...

well you can send it my way. My new last name starts with a W too ;) Very cute!

AiringMyLaundry said...

You did a great job!

Faith said...

awesome job! those mugs will make me want to start drinking coffee. so cute!

Unknown said...

I so want one of these! my birthday is in January (hint hint) lol!! jk

Anonymous said...

The mug turned out great! You have all sorts of fun craft supplies!

cailen ascher said...

what a fun project! i saw martha do something similar but didn't know if "real people" could do it b/c most of her crafts are really only for professional crafters. there's hope for this one!

have a great week!