Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10th: RD Day

Today is my favorite day in August, as of two years ago. On this day in 2008, we made an addition to our happy little family. J and I went and rescued a puppy!!
It's actually kind of a silly story how we decided to get a puppy. That year, we were driving home from our week long vacation in Ocean City, MD with my parents. I saw a sign with a Golden Retriever on it and told J that I wanted one. His response was something along the lines of no way, they shed too much. So we started talking and agreed that we would like a lab puppy. Once this was decided, we started coming up with names for our imaginary lab. J wanted to call it 'Cateater' as in Cat Eater (can you tell he's not a cat person?!). I vetoed that one quickly. He then brought up Bullet, but that had been one of his dogs names as a child. I jokingly threw out Remington and he immediately followed it up with Ruger. Yes, both names are in reference to weapons.
The next day, I sat down and started looking through the classifieds for a puppy. Everyone had yellow labs or girls. We wanted a black or red boy lab. So i jumped on petfinder.com and found an add for a whole LITTER of puppies that had been dropped off for rescue.
That night we brought home our little Ruger; he was only 8 weeks old!

We quickly turned him into a water dog, taking him to the lake as often as possible. At first, he wasn't sure of it but now he loves to swim and play in the water.

He is a goofy little character but he is so loving and affectionate! We couldn't imagine not having this little guy around. Husband affectionately calls him R.D. (Ruger-Dog)

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