Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm a Meat Eater

There. I said it.  Ok I just had to get the meat eating thing off my chest - whew! I know there are people against it, and I applaud you for your dedication to a belief.  I just don't share that same belief. 
I have discovered that I don't eat like enough fruits or vegetables to go without meat.  I would be a HUGE Carb-Cow.  No, seriously.  I eat so many carbs -- thank goodness for my 1/2 marathon training!! I kind of did a little experiment today, we don't have lunch meat at home, so I settled for fruit and some light carbs.  I didn't eat until 3:30 because I wanted chicken or beef SO bad I couldn't bear the thought of eating boring ol' fruit.  I pulled through it though and am proud to say I had a relatively healthy lunch. =)
I really do love a yummy steak!  J has really mastered a fabulous steak for me.  While he enjoys lots of seasonings, garlic, salf - I require less maintenance when it comes to mine; simple and MAYBE a little marinade.
For years, I had an aversion to chicken -- I don't know if that was derived from lots of chicken eating in my childhood or because of an ex.  Either way, I have started to love chicken again, especially grilled! YUM! I'm so lucky that J is a man's man and does manly things  like cook on the grill(enter Tim-the-Tool-Man Taylor grunting noise). =)
My newest love is fish!  J has taught me to fish and encouraged me to go offshore with him.  We take our catch home and freeze it until we are in the mood to eat it; grilled, fried, baked. YUM! I think my favorite is yellow-tail sapper.  It's pretty much AMAZING!
Tonight's menu: Mahi-Mahi! YUMMY-LICIOUS!


Unknown said...

Mmm, are you kidding me, I'm so with you. Give me steak!!!

Faith said...

seriously, who won't eat meat?!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I love meat too. And carbs. Only I don't have any marathon training to help burn it off.

Nicole said...

Ok so this is a little back dated, sorry :) but... My uncle had to eat chicken so much as a kid that the only time he'll muster up enough energy to eat chicken or turkey is Thanksgiving and then he hardly touches it. LOL