Wednesday, August 25, 2010


To keep myself occupied during my lunch break, I brought along some jewelry making supplies.  I figure keeping myself busy is better than wandering around Target or Michael's, spending money that doesn't need to be spent.
I made two simple necklace and bracelet sets.  One is big and chunky but I LOVE the colors together.  The other seems a bit more modern to me.

Now to pair them with that perfect outfit =)


Jessica said...

You could pair the blue set with a perfect person....That would be your sister! =) I love love that set

Faith said...

that is beautiful! you amaze me!

Shawnte said...

You know I had to stop here, after seeing Jewelry. This is great! I love the blue set! Stop by and look at some of mines!

Ashley Miller said...

Hahaha... I definitely know what you mean about needing to stop oneself from wandering around Michaels and Target, spending $$ that doesn't need to be spent! ;)

By the way... your jewelry is beautiful!!