Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Veggie Tales

For many of you the site of this picture makes you think yummy thoughts.  For a very few of you, it doesn't look appetizing.  I am part of the very few.  I feel like all my friends and family enjoy some sort of 'real' vegetable. 
Meanwhile, I sit here enjoying my potatoes and corn. 
The thing is, I feel as if I am the only person I know
that doesn't like vegetables.  Heck, J LOVES green beans and brussels sprouts (<--major ew!).  I am in this club all by my lonesome, with no support group to get me on the veggie band wagon.

I don't particularly like vegetables.  It's not for lack of trying them either.  I get ambitious and at least make the effort to like them.  I think they are gross.  I will eat carrots raw and radishes every now and then, but for the most part, real veggies are not my thing.  I wish they were though. I want to feel like a grown up too! I just don't like vegetables. at. all.

So imagine my mother's surprise when she received this text last night:
"I ate green beans"

The replying text from her was:
"Was it a dare?"

No it wasn't a dare, thank you very much. And to answer your other question, I actually did eat them.  They weren't very good but it was tolerable. I would never say "MMMM let's make green beans tonight with dinner" but I am attempting to eat healthy.  I try vegetables at least every few months to see if maybe my taste buds changed or my mind can override my taste.  So far I have not been successful,but like I said, at least the effort is being made.

What sparked this sudden interest in eating better?  My friend, CK, has asked a few of us girls to join her in a half marathon the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I figure if I eat better, I will feel better before, after and while I work out.  You can follow my training progress on my "Training" page. =) I've only been going for three days, training only 2 of them.  Sunday I was exhausted and didn't think working out while being that tired was a good thing.  I decided to document my workouts so I will feel like I am being held accountable.  Further, I am taking BWH measurements on Saturdays to mark progress.  Thanks, CK, for getting me motivated!

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Shelley said...

My husband doesn't like most vegetables. Try using Jerry Seinfelds wifes book about cooking. I can't remember what it's called but it is pretty cool. She has you puree a bunch of different vegetables and put them in recipes that you wouldn't ever think to do yourself but you can't even taste it and you are still getting the nutrients!