Monday, August 16, 2010

Shoes, Oreos & DIY

This weekend J and I had a big group of our friends over to our house.  Needless to say, I was consumed with chores and laundry and didn't have MUCH time to craft.  I was so busy doing things that I have been wanting to do around the house for the past year.  I'm so relieved to have finally gotten around to it and get the house really clean.
I actually did make time for one little DIY project.  I have had it planned for about a year but wanted to wait to make it until J and I were married.  It's a last name sign! I LOVE IT!! It came out as beautiful as I hoped! A year ago, J did a project for me.  I wanted a mail holder with key hoks and a mirror.  AND I wanted it to be red to match the lights in the dining room.  So I went to Joann's and bought a framed mirror set that was on sale.  One was used for the mail holder and it looks fabulous! I love using it! I'll have to post a pic of it later -- somehow I don't have one =/
Saturday, I used the OTHER mirror for the last name project. I cut out the letters at 4" using my Winter Wonderland cartridge.  The border was cut out using DS (design studio) and Storybook cartridge.  I used clear Elmer's glue to adhere the letters to the mirror.  Yes I use Elmer's glue A LOT!  It's an all-purpose glue =) here is the finished product:
Ok well mostly the finished product, I'm kind of paranoid when it comes to posting too much info online lol. It IS amazing and it makes my heart happy when I look at it =)
As previously mentioned, we had a group of friends over to the house.  I thought this would be the perfect time to try the Oreo Truffle recipe that I posted last month.  I used 1 package of white chocolate and one package of milk chocolate. 
All of our friends loved them -- they were a big hit! Even our friends who don't like cream cheese, really enjoyed this dessert!  They are really easy to make too.  My favorites were the white chocolate truffles.  They are pretty fabulous!
Speaking of fabulous, my amazing mom surprised me with a new pair of shoes this weekend!!! EEEK!! How lucky am I?!?!?  They are Madden and pink and fabulous! I am wearing them today to work, which is where the pictures were taken and why they are a little awkward.  Oh and before you go judging me for not working, this is all happening on my lunch hour thank you very much. =) 


Faith said...

great shoes!

those oreos look amazing! yummy!

Katie said...

I didn't know you made Oreo Truffle's. I would have liked to try them!

Unknown said...

Hi Ashley! Nice to online meet you! :)

Ummm, how awesome are those shoes and you are a total jerk for showing me chocolate when I have some, ummm, baby fat to lose!