Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NAF (Not a Fan)

I received an email from Madden shoes for their new footwear! The oxford....wait - isn't that a guy style? Am I the only one not loving this style?? Payless is even carrying them!
Photo Credit: Steve Madden

Photo Credit: Steve Madden

Photo Credit: Payless
For me, shoes need to be beautiful and stunning.  These scream "MAN" to me. =/  The heeled ones ALMOST get to the girl stage but still very masculine...kinda like the gorgeous Sandra in her pre-makeover attire in Miss Congeniality:
Thoughts??? Hey, you know, maybe I'm just not very trendy....who am I kidding, I'm not! hahaha! As always, to each their own, I'm just saying - "Not a Fan". 


Melissa said...

I'm not a fan. They are so manish.

Faith said...

i saw them on a model and they looked gorgeous...you have to dress up really, really girly and that downplays the manish factor! :)