Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!

121 <-- that's how many days are left in 2010!  Can you believe it?!  So much is going on this month in my happy little world to which I am looking forward:

-3 day weekend this weekend
-Mom and Dad celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary
-College football kicks off
-Husband's birthday is Next THURSDAY --- EEK!
-NFL season officially kicks off: Go Steelers!
-Prime time shows return :: House, Rules of Engagement, Glee, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Grey's, Outsourced, Private Practice, The Mentalist ::
- 6 months of Wedded Bliss =)

There are officially 115 shopping days until Christmas!! EEEP! I haven't even considered Christmas shopping.  I think this year is going to be full of Christmas crafting and gift giving this year will be sponsored by moi via handmade items.
I already want to start listening to Christmas music and deck the halls, but apparently that would be a little pre-mature. The next four months of my life are filled with birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. J and I will celebrate our 3 year dating anniversary -- I don't know that we will celebrate but it's still a milestone for me.  It's definitely the longest I have ever been in a relationship, now I'm locked in being a wife and all =) My mom's birthday and Thanksgiving follow and shortly thereafter, CHRISTMAS!!  YAY! I love Christmas -- the feelings, sites, smells and get togethers. Last year, a group of friends set up a Christmas party:

and it was a lot of fun!  The invitation designated it the First Annual so hopefully this year we will continue the 'tradition'. 
As of last Christmas, J and I no longer have to split the holidays, as my parents moved within a reasonable distance and J's parent's live even closer.  I think J and I want to create our own Christmas thing this year, being it will be our first wedded Christmas.  Can you tell this year marks a lot of "first wedded" whatever?!  Not that it feels any different per se, it's still fun! Don't get me wrong, we will definitely be spending time with our families Christmas Eve/Day, but we will start our own traditions. I wonder how we'll do Thanksgiving this year???

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Faith said...

i can't until Christmas either. gets me so excited! all the shopping, lights and family! i can't wait. although i think you might be a lil more excited than me since you already want to hear Christmas music! :)