Friday, September 17, 2010

J & A Chronicles: 1st Anniversary

We are officially weeks away from our 3 year anniversary as a couple.  J and I have kind of agreed that we probably won't do anything gift-y going forward being married and all, but we will definitely acknowledge the day and maybe even go on a date!! =) YAY! I LOVE dates!
Well we have made it to our 1 year anniversary in the story of Us! I just knew this was the beginning of the rest of our lives together and I couldn't have been happier! We actually spent our first anniversary with his brother L and L's girlfriend, A.  I know it's cute, right -- L.A. =)  It makes me smile, but I'm kinda lame that way.  =)  We also spent that evening with my family and Crossin' Dixon.  One of J's good friends is the lead singer of the band, Crossin' Dixon.  Whenever they are in town (or the area) we try to see them.  On our first anniversary, we drove to Jacksonville to see them in concert.  We had such a good time, as we always do!
To a lot of people, spending the first anniversary with family isn't always ideal, and if I was looking for romance and undivided attention, this was definitely not it.  Thankfully, I was just looking for a good time. =)


Anngela said...

Haha, I love how someone else laughs at our "L. A." I have our initials hanging in the bathroom, and I've definitely had people ask why it says "L. A." but I refuse to change it, it just doesn't look as nice as "A.L." :)
That was a fun night! I always LOVE when Crossin Dixon is in town :)
Larry and I's anniversary is coming up soon also! <3

Ms. Emmy N said...

So cute! I love celebrating with family too! Happy Anniversary!!