Monday, September 13, 2010

DIY: Dad's Shirt Re-fashioned

So this is going to be my VERY FIRST tutorial!! I hope it makes sense and I hope I took the right pictures so you can understand it.  You can always just email me with questions! =)
My dad had a dress shirt that he wasn't going to wear any more.  This is what he had....
I have always been a fan of this shirt and the pattern on it, so I quickly took it, "Thanks, Dad!".  You can see in the above picture that I already pinned it inside out, but you get the general idea of the shirt. =)  I decided I wanted the shirt to be form fitting and long, so I didn't cut any length.
Next, I cut the sleeves off at the seam. I sewed the shirt where I pinned earlier, to take the shirt in to fit. 
I forgot to take a picture, but I cut the arm holes at a diagonal for a more feminine look and hemmed the arm holes. I had previously tried the shirt on prior to this, and J told him it looked a little butch haha. 
My next step was cutting up the sleeves.  I cut off the major seams and the cuff.  I then cut the sleeves into strips. 
I sewed the length of the strip of fabric and gathered it to make a ruffle.  The ruffle was then pinned to the shirt on the side with the buttons, and sewed on.
I did the same step for the side with the button holes on it.
VIOLA!! Finished product.  I'm sure you can see the pins on the side, I put it on and realized it needed a little tiny bit of adjustments.  But I had told J that I would stop after an hour and my hour was up.  I was so excited with the project though, that I HAD to show it off TODAY!
I'm still undecided on the length.  I like it long but wonder if I should shorten it so that it will tuck in nicer?  Like I said, I still haven't decided.  This was a fairly up front project, it was a little difficult trying to get the 'measurements' correct, a little guess work was involved, but I am happy with the outcome.  So ladies, if your dad, husband, brother, boyfriend, etc have dress shirts that don't fit or they don't wear -- refashion it for you! =)  My next one probably won't be fitted...can't wait to find another shirt! =)


Katie said...

Cute! Great job upcycling!!!

Amber said...

I'm going to have to stop reading your blog. I'm feeling bad about my lack of craftiness. :(

Love the fit -I would keep it long!

Unknown said...

That looks amazing!!

Anngela said...

Super cute Ash :) You know I have PLENTT of these from Larry!! Can't wait to make a few for work!

Faith said...

you amaze me! can't get over you!

Unknown said...

Looks good we will have to check out Dad Wells closet you might get a shirt & skirt lol

Adrienne said...

OMG, Ash!!!!!!!! It looks amazing!! How creative, you are!

Now I want to do this, but I don't know how to sew! LOL!