Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 Pieces of Random

I was over on Running From Cupcakes, and saw her 101 things about me post. She made a list of 101 different things about herself (well is working on making a list that long).  Mine is a work in progress, but I thought "yay! how fun!" You can learn things about me that I wouldn't normally just tell you, but each is something you would learn about me and all my weird-ness if we spent time together! =) I enjoy sharing odds and ends with people and learning that I am not completely loony.  I will create a new post for every 10 new items I add to the list.. Let us get started!

1.) I love shoes; not just any shoes, either. Fabulous heels are my weakness! I would buy a new pair a week if the husband would allow it, but I think I can convince him to a new pair at least bi-monthly. =)

2.) I love the color pink but not pale pink. If something is going to be a color, it needs to make a statement.

3.) I am still in love with our wedding pictures for our March 2010 wedding. I look through them at least twice a month, and feel like I will never get tired of looking at them, I don't care how long I've been married.

4.) I'm a hugger and affectionate person. Hugs always make me feel good and I am very fortunate to have hug-gy friends.

5.) I have only ever had one nickname and it lasted my sophomore year of high school. It was 'Texas' because that is where I had lived for my freshman year. I used to worry that I never had any other nickname because I wasn't cool or outrageous enough. Now, I don't care.

6.) My husband and I talk all day, every day. Sometimes it's in phone calls and sometimes texts. I'm sure it's not normal, but our relationship has been like this since the day we started dating -- and he started it not me. =)

7.) I always want to dye my hair but don't because of outrageous cost and maintenance.

8.) I'm pretty creative and try to craft often.  I am usually pre-occupied with life, but I manage to make time for even the smallest project.

9.) Currently, I am training for a half Marathon that I will be running with these lovely ladies: (The Sunday before Thanksgiving)

10.) I think I'm addicted to Chick-fil-a.

11.) I blush easily -- even if I don't feel embarrassed.

12.) It really bothers me when women wear ill-fitting shoes. If they don't have your size, don't buy/wear them. You look silly if they are too big....someone please correct me if there is actually a purpose to wearing heels that are half a size too big.

13.) I swear there was a world wide memo sent out to every eatery stating that if I show up, they MUST make some sort of mistake on my order. I have the WORST luck when I eat any where.

14.) I only eat mints until the stripes are gone...I think they taste different without the stripes so hubby has the rest of it. =)

15.) I have become one of those people that HAS TO HAVE a coke at some point in the day -- my 'drug' of choice: Dr. Pepper...especially the ones from Chick-fil-a in the magical Styrofoam cup. And yes, the fact that they are in the Styrofoam cup DOES make a difference.

16.) I discovered, while eating an Orange, that I LOVE fruit! I really like oranges but I really do NOT like Orange Juice, even the stuff without the pulp.

17.) I stopped biting my nails when I started spending time with J. He told me that he thought it was 'sexy' for girls to have naturally long nails; I stopped almost immediately. I guess I should have seen that has a big flag on my end that I liked him.

18.) I LOVE Mexican food! I could eat it every single day and not get tired of it.

19.) I don't say my shoes hurt my feet. Rather, I say, "My feet are tired of wearing shoes" =)

20.) It is SO hard for me to get out of bed in the morning if J doesn't have to be up at any particular time. It makes me want to just stay under the covers and cuddle all morning. Why can't he have one weekend day off so we can snuggle all morning?!

21.) I enjoy cupcakes more than normal cake

22.) My go to candy is Kit-Kat

23.) I'm convinced the drive-thru isn't always quicker

24.) I put honey on my chicken nuggets

25.) Breakfast is my favorite meal. I love eating breakfast food for dinner, especially pancakes and eggs! YUM! When I want something sweet for dinner, I lean towards breakfast food -- thankfully J isn't opposed.

26.) I get the hiccups at least once a day.

27.) I have mastered the art of putting on [mostly] full makeup without and mirror and only using one hand. This comes in handy when I am late to work and hit every stop light. The only thing I don't do is mascara and eye liner -- that gets done at work =)

28.) When I drink, I don't drink much -- I'm definitely a light weight! I tell J I'm 'fuzzy' not buzzed. I do this because my face and upper lip tingle and for whatever reason I say I feel fuzzy. =)

29.) When I eat spicy foods my eyebrows sweat. No joke!

30.) When I eat fast food fries, I put one line of ketchup on each of my french fries using the packet. I don't make a blob on my plate/napkin/etc.

See you again when I add more =)


Faith said...

I love this! I should so do this too!

Amber said...

What a great list. So neat to learn random facts about you! I have to have one soda a day as well - generally diet Dr. Pepper! And I'm a huge Mexican food junky as well!

Bride Flu said...

I love how many of these are about food! My list would be the same way! God, I love food!

Nikki said...

Love this too!! Defintely dont remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but love it!