Saturday, September 11, 2010

J & A Chronicles: Family Vacation

Every year, J's parents go to Long Boat Key, FL for a two week vacation.  It has become tradition for J and his brother and their girlfriends to go out and stay, at least for a weekend.  This was my first experience with a real family vacation with my husband's family.  I rode with his parents because J was on a fishing trip in the Bahamas -- yes he fished for 23 hours! When the tournament was over, he made his way to us.  He was exhausted the entire weekend but we still had a good time!

The August I moved in with J was the first time my family had taken vacation in Ocean City, MD.  We had such a great time that we decided we wanted to go back the next year.  So in August 2008, we packed up the vehicles and drove from our happy little place in Florida to Ocean City, MD.  We stayed in a rented townhouse and played and ate for a week.  My God-mother and her husband came down from New York and stayed with us for a few days.  J isn't usually a beach person but he sucked it up and we had a blast with my family! AND did I mention the amazing food we were able to partake?! YUM! I hope we are able to go back soon!
 I can't WAIT to go back!  We had SUCH an amazing time!! We weren't able to go in 2009 what with the wedding coming up and everything and we weren't able to go this year because, well, life is a little crazy right now =)

*Next Week: J & L's birthdays!


Nikki said...

I am right at 2 hours hours away from Ocean city.. i LOVE it! Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Beach vacations are so fun!! It looks beautiful. Jealous :)

Faith said...

looks like so much fun! i want to go on a family vacation! :)