Friday, September 10, 2010

Get To Know Me - Pass It On

Faith tagged me in her AMAZING and entertaining blog.  This girl is SO sweet and so real, I just LOVE getting to peak into her life! =)  With her tag, I am to answer 8 of her questions, name 8 of my favorite blogs and come up with my own 8 questions.

1. Why do you blog?

Because I'm profound haha!  OK, no that's wrong.  I really enjoy reading and learning about other people, getting new ideas and recipes, so I hope that someone somewhere out there enjoys the same of me =)  PLUS every once in a while, I like to think I am a little inspirational, that should ALWAYS be shared
2. What is your favorite dish?
I have multiple -- is this allowed???!! 
I LOVE a good Volcano Roll
Mexican food is usually my weakness -- so queso dip and tacos YUM!

3. What is your guilty pleasure?
hmmmm...well I don't watch reality TV.....ooops wait I take that back!  My guilty pleasure would probably Hoarders.  I know!  The show is a TRAIN WRECK but I can't stop watching.  I am so intrigued by these people and blown away that they become so accustomed to living with so much stuff and never seeing their floors or furniture -- they really suck me in!
4. Are you good with keeping secrets?
Pretty good -- it eats me up inside BUT I can keep the secret
5. What is your most favorite thing to shop for?
Shoes for sure followed closely by cute tops

6. What is the best advice you've ever been given?
Don't Go To Sleep Angry -- I know you can't always resolve an issue when you are in the midst of it, but when this happens for us, we agree that at the moment we don't agree and if it's still bothering us in the morning, we can talk about it with new perspective.  With most things, if we argue, it's something silly and can be resolved.  When it can't, we at least stay up long enough so that we aren't upset/angry.

7. Who is your role model?
My Parents and sister -- I know that's more than one, but deal! =) The marriage my parents have had is so inspiring, I definitely hope J and I have that kind of happy, healthy marriage.  They are also very kind and loving people and I hope to exude that type of character.
My sister -- she is silly and kind-hearted and so smart!  She has followed her dreams, even when it's been tough and she is so happy with where she is personally and professionally AND she has super cute style =)
8. If I handed you $150.00, what would you buy?
Probably the Zenith pump by Martinez Valero that I have been drooling over for 18 months!

NOW to add 8 of my favorite blogs that I LOVE reading on a daily basis (or whenever they post!).  Some are physical friends and others are cyber-friends =)

1. Jess @ Chronicles of a First Year Teacher
2. Christina @ Skip To My Lou
3. Amber @ The Survival Guide for the Young Fabulous & Newlywed
4. Emily @ My Heart Shaped Life
5. That One Girl @ What Was I Saying Again?
6. Ashley @ Ashley's Antics
7. Katie @ Sew Woodsy
8. Anngela @ Anngela's Pretty Little Things

Here are my 8 questions for you lovely people -- I will completely accept the fact that you may decide that you do not want to do this.  That's cool -- I know we are all busy, but know you're one of my faves!

1. If you could live any where in the world, where would you live?
2. What is your dream job?
3. What is the most attractive quality in a mate - physically/emotionally?
4. Is there an area in your life in which you are high maintenance?  What is it?
5. If you were only allowed to wear one color ever the rest of your life, what would it be shades of?
6. What is your favorite season?
7. If you could spend an entire day shopping with any celebrity, who would it be?
8. Do you have a signature drink? What is it?

Thanks for the tag, Faith! This was fun!! =)


Tutti said...

Rest assured, we LOVE reading your blog! And I have to say- you totally inspire me. And, is there really anything better than that?! Keep on truckin' chica!

CeCe said...

I'm a big fan of mexican food too! I think it's 'cause I LOVE cheese.

Faith said...

yay!! soo glad you did this! and thank you for the sweet words! made my evening! :)

i love, love, love Mexican food! i could eat it everyday.

Horders is your guilty pleasure?! Ohhh noooo, hahahaha, jk. I couldn't turn away last weekend either. It really blows my mind!

i also agree with never going to bed angry. my mom always said something to the tune of ... if you don't wake up in the morning, do you want that person's last thought of you be that you were angry at them?