Friday, September 24, 2010

J & A Chronicles: To New Friends

I have introduced you to our friend M; he introduced J and I....remember?! OK, glad we are caught up. =) M is also the reason I now have a solid amazing group of girl-friends.  His birthday that year(2008) was held at M&C's house and he invited lots of people that I didn't know.  This was a common theme for a while, as I didn't really come into the relationship with many friends.
This party was the VERY first time I met Christina, her (then) boyfriend (now finance!!!), R and D.
We didn't really talk but this is proof of when I actually met them =)
The reason this is relevant is because now J and I have a group of couples that we get along with very well and when it's girl time, I go hang out with the girls and J gets together with all their significant others.  It works out perfectly! OH AND Christina (check her out at Skip To My Lou) is getting married {hence the fiance note aforementioned} and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!! EEP!! I'm so happy for them and honored that she has asked me to be a part of their big day!
The other notable [unrelated] event at this party was the food fight and then hamburger-ing that ensued.  Someone threw a jello shot which prompted a mini food fight with the leftover grilled hot dogs.  Someone found a left over hamburger patty and the guys clobbered and rubbed down one of their friends with it.  To this day I am still unsure why this happened -- maybe the guy being smothered in beef is the one who started the fight??
This is the significant difference between boys and girls -- girls would NEVER do this unless they wanted to be hated the rest of their lives.  All these guys are still great are so strange!


Christina said...

Haha...that's too funny :) I remember that night too! Thank God for our wonderful group of friends (especially the ladies)!

Tutti said...

What a wise friend she was for asking you to be her bridesmaid! ;) You had a killer wedding and you are just a wealth of information and creativity. What fun!!

Unknown said...

That is sooo awesome that you have couple friends like that. My husband tried to get me to be bff's with this friends girl and she bobbed her head when she talked and I was like, I CAN'T DO IT, SHE IS A BOBBER! But we have other couple friends, you know, non-bobbing head ones. What is the point of my comment? I think I had too much coffee.

Happy Friday!
(Did a change of subject work?)

Unknown said...

I remember that night, and having way too many jello shots!! haha! and yay for being a bridesmaid!! I'm sure you'll be a huge help for her!! :)

Faith said...

yay on being a bridesmaid!

i agree, men are strange! funny but strange! :)