Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Amber over at The Survival Guide for the Young, Fabulous & Newlywed tagged me today in a post! Thanks girl!! I participated in this a couple weeks ago, but I'll at the very least answer her questions =)

1) What is your favorite thing about being in a relationship with your boyfriend/fiancé/spouse?
My favorite thing about being in a relationship with J would have to be that it's always fun.  Yes, we have our disagreements, but we have fun all the time.  We laugh a lot and joke around and even discussing and planning our future together and making decisions (big and small) have been a lot of fun.

2) If you could go anywhere in the world for an entire week with your girlfriends, where would you go and why?
Probably New York City.  I have been once and I went with the guy I was dating at the time.  It was a lot of fun but I would have rather been there for more than the weekend.  J doesn't particularly care to ever go to NYC but I want to go so badly!! I think my girlfriends would enjoy all the aspects: shopping, Broadway shows, site-seeing: way more than J would. 

3) What persona were you in high school: Miss Popular, The Sporty Girl, The Book Worm, Etc.
I don't really know if I had a specific persona...I guess the one that comes to mind first would be Sporty.  I played soccer through most of my high school career and ran cross country one year.  I wasn't the best student and I wouldn't dare say I was super popular.  I also spent time in the performing arts in high school: Show Choir, Women's Choir and Musical Theatre.

4) Have you ever been stereotyped in any way? What did you have to do to overcome that stereotype – or are you still struggling with it?
Wow this is a deep question.  I don't think I have had to overcome a stereotype...OK I take that back.  The one that popped in my head just now was when I moved from Texas to Florida my sophomore year of high school.  The school I went to when I got to Florida was in a small town and swear a lot of those people had never traveled outside of the city limits.  A lot of the kids asked me if I went cow-tipping or if I lived on a farm or rode a horse to school.  I was also asked why I didn't have a country accent and did I say Yee-haw often.  Oh, I was also moo-ed at...yeah some of the boys would moo at me.  SERIOUSLY?! Looking back, I roll my eyes because really, how absurd were these kids being and were they serious?! being 15/16 years old, it was intimidating and frustrating because I lived in a big city - San Antonio.  It would be one thing if I had been from a little no name town with a population of 40 but that wasn't the case.  All this lasted just for the Fall semester and then I guess they grew tired of it.

5) What’s your favorite song of all time?
I am going to name 2 songs:Paradise City/Sweet Child of Mine -- Guns 'N' Roses

OK I lied I am going to name 2 more:
Don't Stop Believin' -- Journey
Cherry Pie -- Warrant

6) What’s your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas is most definitely my favorite!  I love the sites and smells and tastes of the season.  I really enjoy the way that entire time of the year feels -- especially when the air gets crisp out and we have to bundle up to be outside.  And of course, the family time that goes along with this holiday is the best.

7) If you could change one thing about yourself (body, personality, abilities, etc) what would it be and why?
I wish I could dance...I THOUGHT I had rhythm and then J and I started Hip Hop Abs.  It's great for working abs.  No, I am not going to beg you to try it.  I felt ridiculous.  Watching it on the info-mercial and then seeing the introduction, I thought to myself "This is going to be so fun!"  Well I was right that it's fun but I do NOT have much rhythm.  I can keep a beat and clap along, move side to side and the 'choreographed' dances that are popular right now but, sadly, I have learned I am not one of those white girls that is good at dancing. =/ BOO!! They should put a disclaimer on the product saying "is not helpful for white girls with a little booty and even less rhythm"!

8) What is something that makes you feel incredibly feminine?
Wearing heels and when J exhibits chivalrous acts; i.e.: opening a door for me, pulling out my chair for me, etc.  But really, what is more feminine than a hot pair of heels!? =)

I am not going to tag other people as I did this a couple weeks ago. But GREAT questions Amber!!  This was fun -- PS I LOVED reading the answers to the questions Devil Dog Darling gave you. =)


Christina said...

John doesn't want to do NYC either. I do though! You just let me know...I'm there!

Anonymous said...

Good songs!! I like your taste in music!

Faith said...

i gave you an award on my blog because i think you're cool like that! :)