Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sand Ceremony Frame

For our wedding ceremony, we decided to have a sand ceremony performed.  With the ceremony being held outdoors, we figured pouring sand would be a better option than to have a unity candle ceremony.  Turns out we were absolutely correct.  On the day of our wedding, it was so windy we definitely would not have been able to light a candle. 
Here is what the original looked like the day of our wedding:
Right before the ceremony, it was knocked over by the wind and being held together by gum.  It was solid enough that it held our sand but would definitely need a little love when we got it home.  The problem was it never made it back to our house and no one seems to know what happened to it.  I remember the last time I saw it; my dad was taking it back to our hotel room for safe keeping.  To this day, I still don't know if it made it there. This was the last time I saw it -- my dad holding it and telling me some of the sand was leaking out:
Side note: I'm most certainly NOT blaming anyone for the loss of this item, especially my daddy =) I didn't realize it was missing until we returned home from the honeymoon and started unpacking everything.  I was very sad but decided since we still have sand left over that we would just order a new frame.  My parents bought us a new one for my birthday (which was back in April) and it's been sitting in the box since.  This weekend, we changed that.  We finally got our sand ceremony frame completed and now it sits on a shelf and makes me smile and my heart warm every time I look at it. 
Even though it's not the exact frame, it still symbolizes everything about that day and what it meant to us.  I actually like how this one came out better than the original, based on looks alone =)

PS - Now I get to check this off my Day Zero list! YAY!


Christina said...

Yay! Where did you find that by the way? I'm planning on doing the sand ceremony, but not sure of the holder so I'm looking for places to shop with good quality stuff!

Amber said...

We did a sand ceremony as well. :) But no frame - I love that, what a great idea. I'm so glad you were able to recreate it. It's a great keepsake!

Faith said...

you are so crafty! love that!

Jules AF said...

I'm sorry you lost it! But the new one is just as cute!