Thursday, September 9, 2010

To My Best Friend

Today is my husband's birthday.  He doesn't want much and he doesn't want a big party.  To me, this isn't surprising, to others who have been to his many parties at his house, it is very out of the ordinary.  I was at his birthday 3 years ago but in a friend capacity, that's right, we weren't even dating yet!  He is 27 today.  I think he is stressing the big 3-0 BUT he shouldn't freak, I tell him, because when he's 30 we will have been married for 3 more years than today. =)
To My Husband, J --
I love you for:
1. loving me unconditionally - even when I'm a freak. =)
2. being an incredible best friend and husband
3. cooking so often and loving it.
4. helping with the laundry and other house chores when I get a little behind
5. working so hard to take care of us.
6. being such a stud.
7. hanging shelves and painting the house when I know how you despise it but only do these things for me.
8. letting me tickle you without getting annoyed.
9. rubbing my feet when I've had a long day.
10. spending your days off with me, doing whatever we want.
11. sharing your comedy and hilarity. You give me plenty of relief with your silliness.
12. remaining so positive through everything
13. telling me i'm gorgeous, even if I don't think so.
14. laughing, even when I am the only one who thinks I'm funny.
15. making me feel safe, always.
16. knowing enough about so many things that I don't feel lost or helpless.  You are such a smartie =)
17. always kissing me good morning, good night, hello, good-bye and all the times in between,
18. how warm you always are -- no seriously how physically warm -- this is really helpful in the 'winter' months =)
19. cuddling and snuggling often
20. being my trophy husband
21. always standing by my side and supporting me
22. being my best friend -- the one who I can giggle and cry with and tell all my secrets to =)
23. Thinking you're as gangster as I do tee hee!
24. holding my hand while we drive around
25. driving all the time so I don't have to deal with the silliness of traffic
26. sweeping me off my feet every single day
27. just being the beautiful man you are!

Happy Birthday Husband! I love you SO SO MUCH and I am very thankful every day that you were brought into my life.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday to John!!! Hope you guys have a great night celebrating :)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. It's so great that you have so many reasons to love him and love being with him!

Tutti said...

Aww, how sweet is this post!! I'm feelin' the love right now!

Faith said...

what a sweet post. makes me smile! happy birthday to your hubby!!!