Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes it is 90210 day =) It makes me giggle, though I never watched the show.
OK the important thing about today is that it marks 26 years of marriage for my amazing parents! 
YAY!  My sis and I are so lucky to have been raised in such a happy and affectionate household.  They have set the example for what I hope my marriage with J will be -- happy, full of love, hugs and trust.  There will be bumps in the road but we will get through together. I feel like I remember them being in their late twenties, but definitely their thirties and watching them grow up together, as a couple and as parents. 
I look through pictures and see just how young they were when they started a family and I am amazed that they did it so gracefully.  I don't remember them fighting, though I'm sure there were disagreements.  I don't remember wanting for anything that was a know kids, they always WANT something, right?! =)
They have hugs and kisses and love to spare.  They have grown as individuals but together, closer as the pages in their lives have turned.  These two people are a beautiful example of what I want my life, marriage and family to be - happy, healthy and full of love. They still act like newlyweds, hold hands, hug, kiss and cuddle. I want to be like that in 26 years with J!
Happy 26th Anniversary to the most loving couple and amazing parents!
Love you both!!


Christina said...

It's amazing to see people happily married for that many years! It's sad it's become almost a rarity, but it shows how special it is for those who work through the tough times. They're closer and happier in the end! Congratulations to your parents! Happy Anniversary! :)

Amber said...

Ha - I didn't realize it was 90210. :)

Congrats to your parents. What an amazing accomplishment!

Mommy Kerin said...

They look sooo happy together!

Katie said...

ha ha... didn't realize the 90210 either (and I was a HUGE fan of the show)! lol. Congrats to your parents! Wishing them many more years of good health and happiness together!

ChickLitGirl said...


Unknown said...

Congrats to your parents!! and loving that it's 90210 day! been a fan of the show since the original season!! :)

Faith said...

such a great post! your parents are so cute!

hahaha, my friends are having a 90210 bbq on Sat. you can tell what huge fans we were ... sucky that today didn't fall on a Saturday, lol.

Bride Flu said... it! Such a great post. Congratulations to your parents. What an adorable couple!

AiringMyLaundry said...

What sweet pictures.

And I had no idea there was such a thing as 90210 day.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to your parents!! How sweet :)