Friday, August 6, 2010

J&A Chronicles: The First Date

My girl, F, pointed out that many newlyweds have gobs of photographs (particularly wedding) all over everything; blogs, facebook, their office, etc. While I do fall into some of those categories, I don't particularly have a lot of wedding pictures here...yet.
So since I don't have a WHOLE lot going for me on this lovely (albeit HOT) Friday, I thought this would be the perfect time to start chronicling my relationship with the Mr.; how it started, where it's been (from friends to dating to marriage) to where we are.
This WHOLE thing would have NEVER happened (well probably never) if it weren't for our fabulous friend Marc. Say "Hi" Marc!
This is Marc with me on our wedding day. Husband asked him to be a gm(groomsmen not general manager). Clearly he accepted! But we'll get back to that...

Marc gave husband my phone number, without my permission...ok, really, who does that? but clearly it all worked out and we are eternally grateful to Marc and his beautiful wife Christy:
Onwards -- if you ask the hubs, our first date was Mellow Mushroom. He is totally wrong. Our first date was to Houlighan's restaurant near the university. I had never met a guy that i thought I would take seriously in a jacked up F150 with a front plate that read "Panty Dropper". And no, I'm not kidding, he actually had it (Thanks Drew). I will admit it was funny, mostly because he had it on there WHILE he was dating.
All we did that night was talk about how terrible our previous relationships had been and why. I know what you're thinking, what a terribly depressing topic! It kind of was, but it was nice to find out what we liked and didn't like. I'll never forget going to see Reno 911! with him. It was NOT a good experience, he talked through the movie, and we aren't talking whisper talk, we're talking full fledged talking out loud! I vowed that night I would never see another movie with him! We have since been to several movies, and he doesn't talk like that throughout the movie; so I have deduced that he was either bored or nervous/excited on the date. =)

Over the course of the evening, he mentioned at some point that he was going hunting in the mountains of CO in September (it was March at the time) and he needed to get in shape for it. I am an avid runner and offered to run with him to get him into the shape he would need to be in order to play King of the Mountain. Somehow, I think I equated this into being placed in the 'friend' category, so I never thought it would lead any where...I am clearly the brightest crayon in the box!
When the date ended, he dropped me off with a hug. <-- THAT reaffirmed the friend category. I got out of the truck and went to my apartment. It still amazes me that he never saw my apartment or even what floor I lived.

Our next mini-date would be Mellow mushroom.
*Stay Tuned Next Friday for The Second Date & Moving In*

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