Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pink Fluffy Happiness

This past weekend I worked on a skirt without using a pattern. It turned out.....ok to say the least. I had wanted to post pictures of it today and show it off but sadly, it is not quite finished and I need to buy more material.
This meant I had nothing to post for today, which I know if very tragic. ;)
I was perusing the internet and looking at new sites and blogs when low and behold, I found it!
::Pink Fluffy Happiness::

*photo found through Google search
I'm just kidding. I love pink but I don't understand this. I wouldn't EVER dye my dog. I know he's black and a boy but seriously, this is just silly! Acutally, I just found this next picture to be even more ridiculous:

*photo found through Google search
Doesn't this negate the reason you have a pit bull in the first place?? I find it very difficult to be intimidated by a pink dog!
Ok, moving on to the true reason we are here: Pink Fluffy Happiness! It's called a Pink Sundae. I found it while looking at One Charming Party today and it looks just delcious!

  • Strawberry Ice Cream (all natural helps keep this happy snack healthy(er)
  • Bowl, Whisk/hand mixer, Whipping Cream
  • Pink Candies, Strawberry Syrup, Sliced Strawberries, Cherries

1. Scoop ice cream into dish
2. To Make the pink Whipped topping -- pour whipping cream into mixing bowl. Add maraschino cherry juice as a sweetener. This will also turn the whipped mixutre pink! Whisk ingredients together until fluffy or use the hand mixer.
4. Add fluffy topping, pink candies and strawberry syrup on the ice cream.
5. Add some sliced strawberries
6. Finally, top this yummy creation off with a cherry and ENJOY!

*Photo Credit to One Charming Party
**Recipe found at One Charming Party/Martha Stewart's Kid Magazine

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