Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Express Yourself

Last night, I went for a run as part of my half marathon training.  I ran 4 miles!  These long distances require some music to distract me and keep me motivated. I have my ipod PACKED with upbeat and fun music to keep be interested while I am running; I have everything from Halestorm to GLee to Avenged Sevenfold to Carrie Underwood.  The song playing when I ended my run was "Express Yourself" performed by the ladies of GLee.
Anywho, so I am singing 'Express Yourself' last night and J blows me away by asking "Are you singing Madonna?"  For those of you who know him, he doesn't remember names of...well, anything, to be honest. 
Here is an actual conversation we have had:

(we just met a guy and J turns to me and says:)

J: "He reminds me of that actor"
Me: .... "OK, which one?"
J: "The one in the funny movies"
Me:....blank stare....
J: "he's kind of goofy..?"
Me: ....More blank starring....

So the fact that he knew WHO the artist I was singing was, really blew me away.
Maybe he knew because he watches GLee with me -- it's his guilty pleasure second to Cougar Town.  
 GLee had an entire episode dedicated to the female pop icon, appropriately titled Power of Madonna.  The cast performed Express Yourself, Borderline/Open Your Heart, Vogue, Like a Virgin, 4 Minutes, What it Feels Like for a Girl, and Like a Prayer. 
Now I have to be honest, I was never a huge fan of Madonna.  Perhaps it's because I was young when she made her huge entrance to the stage, maybe it was her overly blond hair, whatever it was is gone now.  I am obsessed with her!  I have a new respect for the woman and I think GLee has done an amazing job, as a whole, to dust off some of the older classics and give them new life, introducing them to younger generations.
While Madonna is currently NOT touring, my fellow GLeeks out there will be excited to know (but I'm sure you already do) that GLee returns September 21st! T-Minus 20 days!!!!  YAY!

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Amber said...

It's my first time stopping by and I love your blog! I'm a huge pink fan lover as well.

I love rocking out to good music on long drives as well. Hubby and I haven't gotten into Glee - but we are Cougar Town addicts! That show and Modern Family are HYSTERICAL!

I can't wait for all of our shows to come on in the fall! :)