Friday, August 20, 2010

J&A Chronicles: Our First Picture & Cuba

Yep -- there it is. The first picture I have of the two of us. It was taken November 1, 2007 in North Florida. I think there MIGHT be another picture of us together from M's birthday that year, but I don't have any of those. So this is it -- we started dating October 10, 2007 --- well we think it was October 10th; That's the day we celebrate anyhow.
Our first BIG event together, was going to Cuba February 2008. My dad was stationed in Guantanamo Bay at the time on deployment. We drove to Ft. Lauderdale and flew in a teeny-tiny plane to Cuba.

We were there for a week. I think my favorite thing was Glass Beach. It was unreal! Pieces of glass that had been sanded down by the sand and salt in the ocean washed up on this one and only beach. we collected a LOT of it while we were there and it sits displayed in our home =)

The part of the island we were on was very desert like, not lush the way I thought it would be. The water was beautiful though and we had a great time snorkeling and using the new underwater camera I had bought J that Christmas.
It was our first trip together and we had SUCH a great time. We really got to know one another since we only had each other to hang out with while my dad was working. At this point, I already knew I wanted to marry him. =)

*Catch next Friday's post Spring Break 2008: My Sis Comes to Visit =)


Ms. Emmy N said...

What a cool first trip! You two are so cute. And I have never heard of a glass beach ~ that looks incredible!

Christina said...

I love the beach glass. I want to go to Cuba just to get some. Think of all the amazing centerpieces I could make with that?! :)