Sunday, August 22, 2010

DIY Weekend

On the weekend days that J has to work all day, I try to get my crafting in.  Part of my craft time includes watching various Disney movies and chick flicks that I don't want to force J to have to sit through or that he won't watch (IE: Disney). 
Today was one of those days.  Don't get me wrong, I take care of laundry and cleaning on these days too but when that is done and out of the way, crafting takes over =)
Here are some projects I completed this weekend:
Cute, fun little wallet
Bracelet and earring set.  I wore to our friend's engagement party and then later to my BIL's birthday party.

Super Cute purse! I LOVE it! and am actually really proud of it =)
I didn't use a pattern or instructions for any of my projects this weekend.  This meant a little luck and a lot of guess work went into some of the projects -- especially the purse. =)  I made another bracelet and necklace set but I don't have clasps for them...therefore, I'll have to post those later. Although I don't look forward to the days that J has to work, I am already looking forward to my next craft day. =)

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Faith said...

i love that purse! it is fab! you are so talented!