Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food For Thought Thursday

Over the last few years, I have noticed a decline in my positive meter.  I have noticed I have become more judge-y and competetive about ridiculous things.  Then I got engaged and it was happiness again -- that has started to run out and patience is wearing thin. 
I know of several people who don't have the life that I have.  They don't have the reasons to be happy that I do.  And some of these people are way more content in life than I have become.  Some of them are so miserable that it pains me to even look at them. 
Yesterday I had an epiphany. 
Look at my life -- look at my amazing husband and both our families! 

Look at my amazing friends! 

(sorry they are mostly wedding pics lol)
These people love me unconditionally.  I have managed to turn every aspect of my life into a competition (albeit silent) but it drives me crazy and makes me grumpy-pants (as my sis would say).  I love these people and I have an amazing life! What is my problem!? who cares if someone is prettier, or can run further or is taller/skinnier/funnier/nicer/more creative?!  Why does it matter so much to me? Is it because I want to be better at something than everyone I know?  Maybe -- does it make me a little crazy? Probably.  I don't know what my problem has been but I am over it.  I want to be happy and bubbly because that's who I was - not the grouchiness of yesterday, that's not me!
So this morning was the beginning of the return of me. Welcome Home, beautiful sweet girl! How I have missed you! So please don't be alarmed when I'm smiling and over the moon and just as excited as you are about YOUR situation.  This is me. No more Little Mrs. Crazy Lady! I'm back and I'm 100% happy!

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Faith said...

that was great to read! it is a good day when you sit down and realize just how lucky you are and that life isn't always going to be perfect. you can either cry about it or do something about it to turn that around! love your attitude!