Friday, August 27, 2010

J&A Chronicles: Being an Adult

I think the first thing that happened that really made me feel like an adult in a real relationship was when my little sis came to stay at ...our...was it our house?...J's house, where I lived.  She brought her boyfriend along and we went to Islands of Adventure and really just hung out for a few days before they drove back to our parent's house to visit.

I'm not really sure why this made me feel like this relationship might be real.  Perhaps it was because he wanted to spend time with my family just like I did.  He wanted to get to know them, and never made it seem like it was out of the ordinary to spend time with family.  He has a very similar family situation -- they are close, like my family is close.  This really makes a tremendous difference -- if you have some similarity in how you were brought up and your family situation. 
Over the next few months we had some great times!  We hosted my birthday that year at our house.  turns out, at the time I didn't have many one of our friends invited a TON of people...a lot of whom I didn't know but it was still a great time
Then he took me on my very first off shore fishing trip!!!  I caught my first and second dolphin (Mahi-Mahi)! It has been one of my very favorite trips off shore! 

J has gone out of his way over the last few years to teach my so much about various things, including his hobbies: hunting and fishing.  He does his best to include me as often as possible, and never once has he made me feel like I was out of place hanging out with the boys. =)

*Next Friday: KJ's Wedding


Faith said...

ahhh, that's love! :)

Katie said...

awe love the pictures--brings back memories. I think that was the first time I met you... right? Before then, you were just this name we couldn't stop hearing enough lovely things about! ;)