Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Key Largo, Baby Why Don't We Go

down to Marathon Key! That's where Husband and I went this past weekend with my family. We had such a great time even though it was a really short trip - only the weekend. It was my first trip to the Keys and his first time going without a boat ahahah. We had some great food and made some fun memories.
I was really impressed with this woman at Mallory Square -- she dressed and painted herself to look like a statue. She moved like one of those electronic Christmas angels (you know the ones lol) Her breathing was even super controlled -- as in you couldn't tell that she was!

You HAVE to have a vacation picture wearing silly glasses!

View from the dock behind the hotel

Husband helped us all catch a Tarpon! Here he is holding JB's (J's boyfriend)

Sunset we saw out on the water on a fishing charter: One Word -- Gorgeous.

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Faith said...

that sunset is absolutely gorgeous! looks like a fun time. i love getting away ... even for just a short time it feels great!