Friday, August 13, 2010

J&A Chronicles: The Second Date & Moving In

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!! So last week I told you that Husband and I met through M, our mutual friend.
[Note:: There aren't going to be photos =/ the only pictures we MAY have taken together were at his 24th birthday, and I don't know who has those pictures]
Shortly after the first date there was a second date, to Mellow Mushroom. It was really laid back and very short. Once we had pizza, it was time for me to go home. That's it -- and I am not really sure why J insists that was our first date...there wasn't anything memorable about it?? *shrug* oh well =)

After our TWO dates, we started running together. He would drive to my apartment complex a couple times a week and we would go running together. We would talk about things while we ran and then he would leave. Again, it blows my mind how he never made it into my apartment for even a glass of water...some hostess I was, and how in the world did he manage to stay interested?!

Fast forward two months:: I was in between semesters (Spring and Summer 2007) and J was going to Sea World. OK, really, what guy WANTS to go to Sea World for the ENTIRE day without being persuaded by a girl? Yeah that's what I thought. But J wanted to go and he took me. We had a really nice time walking around, going to the beer sampling thing, watching shows. After Sea World, we went to Chili's, J's FAVORITE place to eat. I had a burger and two beers...why I remember that is beyond me!
After that FULL DAY date, we didn't see much of each other. We both got busy, summer semester started and, well, I don't know WHAT J was up to. =) So there it was, the end of July, and I was getting ready to cross that glorious stage, shake a hand and walk away as a college graduate. It was a great feeling but also slightly terrifying AND my parent's thought I should move back home. dun, dun, DUHHHNNNNN!!!! OK OK, in all seriousness, it wouldn't have been bad. It actually probably would have been a lot of fun. BUT, I hadn't lived at home since leaving high school for college.
The day I discussed this as an option with my mom, was the day I happened to be having lunch with J. He could tell I was a little discouraged and I told him what was going on. Without missing a beat, he offered to let me move in with him. So I left thinking "that's different but he seems really nice and Hey, what are friends for?" yeah. right. friends. ha ha little did I know!
So after graduation in August I moved into his house, planning to get out of his hair when I got back on my feet. Little did I know, I wouldn't be going any where. =)

*Stay Tuned Next Friday for Our First Picture Together*
P.S. -- don't worry, once we get into our dating life, I'll be marking the major events or the ones filled with pictures =)


Bride Flu said...

Aww, that's a great story. Can't wait to hear more. PS- I love the beer tasting in Sea World. Isn't that the best?

Anngela said...

I think I have those pics!!!