Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Zero Project

So yesterday I read about the Day Zero Project.  It's where you make a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days and you actually do them.  I decided this would be a LOT of fun!! I made the list and started the project yesterday.  I plan to report back every time I do something on my list.  First, I guess I should present my list (I will also have a page posted for it for constant reference):

START DATE: September 3, 2010
END DATE: May 31, 2013

In Progress

1. Make Homemade ice cream
2. Make homemade custard
3. Make homemade dog treats
4. Go to Red Robin in Daytona
5. Try 20 new recipes
6. Eat Broccoli
7. Eat Green Beans
8. Visit a winery
9. Have a picnic
10. Try 15 new restaurants
11. Cook for J every night for 1 week
12. Try 10 new kinds of beer
13. No fast food for 2 weeks
14. Try a new sushi place
15. Go to The Melting Pot for Dessert
16. Try the Dessert Lady in Orlando
17. Take lunch at least 4 times a week to work for a month
18. Make a trifle
19. Bake 30 different cupcake recipes
20. Bake cupcakes just because for work
21. Go one week without chocolate

1. Read 1 book a month for the next year
2. Attend a Steelers Game
3. Attend a Magic Game
4. Attend a Gator Game
5. Go to a high school football game
6. Watch every movie on the Netflix Top 100 with J (1/100)
7. Go to a musical
8. Finish "Lost" series
9. Go to a baseball game
10. Watch top 100 grossing movies of all time (different than #6) (1/100)
11. Take my parents to Pat O’Brien’s
12. Watch at least season 1 of the TV show “Heroes”
13. Take pole dancing class
14. Host a theme party
15. See 20 movies in theatre
16. Go to La Nouba
17. Read 50 banned books
18. Go to a concert with J
19. Read a Nicholas Sparks book
20. Bowl a 250 game
21. Go to All Fired Up in Winter Park

1. Go to Tennessee
2. Visit J's Grandma Shirley
3. Go to Texas to visit my family
4. Go camping -- real camping
5. Go to the Atlanta Aquarium
6. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
7. Take a road trip

1. Pay off my credit cards
2. Pay off my student loan
3. Go two weeks without spending any money (less monthly bills)
4. Save for a down payment on a house
5. Buy a house

1. Make curtains for house
2. Make a quilt for our bedroom
3. Scrapbook wedding photos
4. Re-do sand ceremony frame
5. Knit myself a sweater
6. Paint house
7. Get current with my scrapbooks
8. Create a review section and review at least 33 products
9. Create a family tree
10. Frame our wedding vows
11. Build a piece of furniture
12. Trash to Treasure: refurbish a piece of furniture/fixture
13. Art: paint a picture
14. Make a personal calendar

1. Run a 1/2 marathon
2. Donate blood at least once a year
3. Get down to goal weight and maintain for a year
4. Don't drink any coke for a month
5. Finish bottle of multi-vitamins (consecutive days)

1. Send Christmas cards
2. Send Thank you cards for birthday/Christmas
3. Post at least 1 new craft tutorial each month for a year
4. Own a pair of designer shoes
5. Dance in the rain
6. Take a family picture with J and Ruger
7. Go to a wedding
8. Watch the sunrise with J
9. See the sunset with J
10. Move into new house
11. Try Wakeboarding
12. Buy a new hair dryer
13. Slow dance with J
14. Get a new passport
15. Learn to hit a golf ball 150yds
16. Buy one new pair of shoes a month for 4 months
17. Go hunting and get a wild pig and/or turkey
18. Shave my legs 3 times a week for a month
19. Send someone I love an edible arrangement
20. Buy a dSLR
21. Draw a heart in 50 places and take a picture of it (0/50)
22. Teach Ruger a new trick
23. Write a note to J every day for 2 weeks
24. Get a massage
25. Be in a wedding
26. Be decisive about dinner/meas/plans for one month
27. Inspire someone to make a 101 in 1001 list
28. Blog about each event I check off
Last night, we started this list together. 

 We watched No Country for Old Men and Cars.  NCfOM was great until the end.  Both J and I were REALLY disappointed with the ending - otherwise, the acting was convincing and the basic storyline was intense. 
Cars is always a favorite choice.  It's such a happy Disney Pixar movie.

I am very much looking forward to this list, even though some aspects are really daunting!  I will be sure to blog about each item and keep a link on the Day Zero Page.  Enjoy!!!


Unknown said...

i like, "Go camping- real camping"


LindseyEveryday said...

Love your list! I started mine about a month ago, and I haven't really done much haha! Can't wait to check back and see what you've accomplished : )

Christina said...

Looks like fun, maybe I'll gather motivation to start one. I have my bucket list to transfer :-) plus there's a lot on your list that overlaps mine. We'll converse about those soon! Happy Monday!

Faith said...

wow, that is a list! i would like to do it but i know me ... and i suck at doing things like this! can't wait to read what things you have crossed off your list!

i also watched NCFOM and didn't enjoy it much. it was a good movie overall but i just didn't like the ending at all.

Amber said...

Great list! So happy to see you inspired. You've already started - I'm jealous! Now I really need to get cracking. :) Can't wait to watch your progress!

Ms. Emmy N said...

Good for you! There are some really fun items on your list, I should make one of these!! And I loved NCFOM too!