Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Running Shoes

It has just dawned on me that I didn't share my running shoe story!  I asked for opinions and went to the store on Friday at lunch. 
You need to understand the way I 'try on' running shoes.  I put them on and jog around the store.  No one has ever said anything to me about it...so far. Anyway, I pick a couple pairs of shoes that are in my price range and I commence jogging.  I do this until I narrow it down to 2-3 pairs of shoes.  This is ALWAYS the process...apparently I have picky feet!
So after about an hour in Kohl's on Friday, I had it narrowed down to a pair of Avia shoes and a pair of Asics.  THEN, as I normally do, I try the shoes on mis-matching.  Yes you read that correctly -- I put an avia on one foot and an asics on the other.  Commence jogging.  THEN I switch it up.  This is how I decide.  I walked away with the Asics:
I was really happy with the purchase and felt that these shoes would be good for me.
Boy, was I wrong!  I guess it makes a difference when you are long distance running??  Maybe my feet just don't like to wear anything other than Nike?  Whatever the issue is, I ran THREE miles on Saturday morning and thought I was going to take my shoes off and find HUGE open blisters.  I didn't find that but the side of my foot was red and puffy. =/ BOO!!
So off I went with the Parental Unit {yes that is how I refer to them, don't hate =)} to the Navy Exchange to try some different shoes.  I spent MORE than an hour trying on different pairs of shoes while Daddy shopped for groceries for their house.  Mom was a trooper! She was patient and I'm sure thought my foot fiasco was a little silly but that's OK, we had a good time.  Picking shoes this time was much easier, and I attribute this to my sore banged up feet from that morning's run.  The second I had the shoe laced up and started walking, I could tell if I was going to have the same issue.  I did try on about EVERY 8/8.5 shoe on the shelf, so that took time but I didn't have to wear mismatched shoes.  THAT choice was easy.  I went with NIKE {of course! why do I ever buy anything else?!} Pegasus 27:
Sunday morning would be the true test of the shoes and whether or not my fickle foot would approve. 5.1 miles later with my running girls and we were doing great!!  YES!!! No more hurt tootsies!! WOO!
So for those that were curious, now you know =)

PS: anyone think I should get a Nike endorsement deal for this post?! =) Tee Hee I kid!
ALSO:: I have found that you can return running shoes within days of purchase -- just clean off the bottom and as long as they don't LOOK worn, it's no biggie (Kohl's has a FABULOUS return policy!)


Tutti said...

Yeay for great a great pair of sneaks! I have a heck of a time finding running shoes too bc. I have this weird thing where after 30 minutes of heavy exercise, my totsies fall asleep (read: BAD pins and needles) which is VERY uncomfortable. I know their products cost a bit more- but I've always found the sales people/sneakers at Run Tex to be worth their weight in gold. They are the only ones that have successfully fitted me in a shoe that works (and that includes the few podiatrists I went to).

Talk about an endorsement post! Where are our kick-backs?!? (man, I'm all over the puns today, eh?)

Christine Wang said...

ugh, girl after my own heart! i used to run cross country and the nike pegasus was the only shoe i'd wear. i think i went through around 10 pairs in 4 years!

The Undomestic Mom said...

Im about to go shopping for running shoes..glad I read this :)

Faith said...

see!! i told you Nike!!! :)

Amber said...

Good running shoes are SO important. I have very flat feet so Mizuno's work best for me. Yes you should definitely get a kickback from Nike! :)

AiringMyLaundry said...


And I love Kohls, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I really should go to Kohls sometime. I live so close to one!

The Housewife said...

I am a sucker for New Balance.

I do have to say though, you might want to get custom orthodics. My F-i-L is a podiatrist and he got me a pair, and they do make a difference.